Totally Useless Creatures: Paris Hilton & the Lexus LFA

Paris Hilton and a Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA was created for no other reason than to appeal to wealthy auto snobs with gobs of cash who would like to make a splash. Paris Hilton was created for and by the same crowd—and the millions of wannabes out there who enjoy such things.

The big news is that her boyfriend, Vegas nightclub owner Cy Waits, popped out 375 big ones to give her an LFA for her 30th birthday (300 people are expected). She and the car belong together; it’s like mustard on a hot dog, bling in Vegas. Imagine Paris in charge of 550 horsepower, paddle-shifting to the next party.

If that doesn’t upset your stomach, nothing will. Lexus also has a video of the LFA doing close-in donuts around a Sports Illustrated bikini model. This, too, is about as exciting as watching glue dry, though some may find echoes of beauty and the beast. See it after the break.

Earlier this week, Nissan videoed a ridiculous race between the Juke and Amber, another bikini cutie, which caused TopGear to “[m]arvel at their intelligent mocking of outdated stereotypes! Semi-naked girls versus cars, eh? Glad we’re finally out of the dark ages.”

Now, we have nothing against using sexy women in car ads, but these commercials are both pointless and tasteless in their silly exploitation of undressed women. I am not being prudish or feminist; I am saying these two babes are there only to stir male hormones and have nothing whatever to do with the cars beyond that.

Now if Paris Hilton undressed for the camera, that would be something else. She is an LFA owner, after all, at least for a while. Although I am not sure I would want to see Paris Hilton undress for the camera.

Which of these two videos is more pointless, do you think?


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  1. That’s disgusting. Horrifying. Paris and an LFA? Won’t be long before it gets painted pink and crashed into a dumpster. Owners of these cars should have to pass a driver skill test. Or at least an IQ test.
    On a positive note, Nissan’s Juke and bikini ads are pure perfection. I can only hope age doesn’t take away my appreciation for bikinis.

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