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There are definitely two sides of the fence on this story, so get ready to debate, fans of American muscle!

First, a little background:

The current Ford Mustang design, as great as it is, has been around since 2005. That’s pretty ancient in the auto world. The good news, though, is the design doesn’t feel outdated and has aged incredibly well. (Can you imagine if the Honda Accord had gone unchanged since 2005?)

Needless to say, a next-generation Mustang must on the way, right?

Yes. But, according to Automotive News, it may not be designed in America.

Ford adopted a global design approach to all new vehicles three years ago. Studios in Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S. create styling ideas, the best of which become incorporated into the final production-ready design.

The  Mustang, which has been designed solely in Ford’s U.S. studio since 1964, remains an American icon in auto design but will not be an exception to this global strategy.

Some die-hard ‘Stang fans will adamantly protest, arguing that European or Asian design has no place in the purely American “pony car.”

Others will point out that Ford’s strategy is spot on, and the company must revisit the pony car formula for the next generation of global car buyers.

I happen to believe that global design input can only help the future of the Mustang, so long as it’s taken as just that: input. Take a look at the Italian-designed Mustang concept from ItalDesign’s Fabrizio Giugiaro, pictured here. Yeah, there are some cool design elements, but there are also scissor doors, a deformed rear end and, wait for it… horsehide seats. I know a Mustang is a type of horse, but I’d rather sit on the skin of dead cows.

I think American designers should get all the input they can from around the world, but ultimately the design should remain home grown.

Should the next Mustang, which could come in 2014 or 2015, be designed outside the United States?


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  1. A Mustang designed outside of America would be the death of Ford’s fabled pony car.

  2. Why would they take an American icon and design it somewhere else. That’s like buying an American flag that is “Made in China” The car looks good, but don’t make that the mustang, give it it’s own name. Bad idea Ford!

  3. I am skeptical of how a foreign designed Mustang is going to look, sound and run. I’m sure it will have a nice interior…

    I’m afraid it will be a Mustang III….

  4. I believe that the Mustang which has sold worldwide for many years now as it is should stay true to the American values that it is known for. If there was a problem with the interior design for Americans or people abroad the car would not be selling abroad and it is. I am sorry but this is an American Muscle Car not a tricked out 4 banging turbo spinning car from across the pond! This is a raw power beast and that is what the inside should reflect. I believe that Ford wanted to bring cars to the people that could not afford the high end vehicals but with the power and style that reflects the common man.

  5. Can’t we finally get rid of this bulky beast and get back to the clean and simple lines of the original? I think Giugiaro’s take is too much like the present version, horsehide notwithstanding.

  6. The mustang is an american icon therfore it better be all made and designed in AMERICA! Not europe not asin only in america

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