One-Day Gas Boycott: Don’t Bother

Gas station

In this modern age of Facebook and Twitter, some grassroots causes can really take hold and spur huge change in the world. It some cases, it can create violent revolution and fell entire governments (hello, Egypt and Libya).

In other cases, the speed and efficiency of social networking simply spreads rumors and tricks people to get behind fake causes or to stand up for something that isn’t even real.

Take gas prices, for instance. Sure, folks are upset that it costs more every day to fill their gas tanks. We love to complain about prices at the pump, but there’s really nothing we can do about it, right?

Well, of course there’s something we can do about it. We can stop buying gas. There’s a rumor sweeping Facebook Nation like a virus right now, urging people not to buy gas on March 31. Not doing so will supposedly cripple the oil companies.

There’s only one problem with that. It won’t work.

For an in-depth explanation on why a one-day boycott won’t change anything, check out this article from 2007 that debunked the myth last time it reared its ugly head. I’ll summarize here, and add a few snarky comments for your enjoyment.

The biggest reason a nationwide gas boycott wouldn’t work is that people won’t stop using fuel. Even if a few morons are suckered into driving past the gas station on a certain day with their middle fingers fully extended, they are still driving and thus, still using fuel. Which means they’ll either top off on March 30 or re-fill on April 1.

Gas strikeSo sales may dip, slightly, on the 31st, but they’ll make up for it the next day.

Way to “stick it” to the Big Oil companies, guys!

Plus, do you really think all big-rig truckers and family vacations and commutes to work will grind to a halt on a certain day to prove a point to oil companies? Keep dreaming. Like it or not, oil companies keep our society moving. Nearly all business depends on the delivery, purchase and use of oil-based products.

To really fight back against the price of oil, the only thing to do is buy less of it until prices respond accordingly. Contribute to that goal any way you wish, be it hybrid, Volt or donkey.

Do you have friends who have helped spread the gas boycott rumor? I know I do.


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  1. “To really fight back against the price of oil, the only thing to do is buy less of it until prices respond accordingly.”
    Sorry tgriffith, that won’t work either. Gas consumption has been falling steadily over the past few years and it doesn’t seem to have any substantive effect on prices. Frankly, we could have all the crude we want at a very low price and the gas price would still be determined by our limited refining capacity.

  2. When gas hits $10 per gallon moan untill then use your brains and stop buying shitheap SUVs,or demand ecconomical diesel engine options for large vehicles or any vehicles for that matter get US car makers up to speed with the rest of the world.

  3. I have to agree with Griffith on this one for the following reasons:

    1. I considered myself a Facebook fan. I religiously check my Facebook account at least three, four, five times a day. I never knew about this ‘gas strike’ idea… I wondered how many other Facebook users who don’t know about this proposal…

    2. My favorite TV personality Judge Judy likes to use illustration, I will do the same. Let’s say an alcoholic walks into a clinic on the edge of dying. The doctor tells him he can only drinks water in the next 24 hours or he will be paralyzed and on wheelchair for the rest of his life. He says to himself, ‘I will die before I drink any water…’ Two days later, his major organs start to shut down and he gives in. He chucks down a whole glass of water like he never did before. His body needs it so badly and tricks him into thinking the glass of water is actually beer… My point is our country is ‘gasiholic’. The US has the worst public transportation system in the whole wide world. Even so, public transportation runs on gas. These major oil companies know they have more power than God. Someone, somewhere is not going to care if it is $10 a gallon, they will pay it. Honestly, even with the gas price now, the US still has the cheapest gas price in the world. People from other countries is going to say, ‘What are you people crying about? We pay easily $10 a gallon where I come from…’ Imagine UPS or FedEx not delivering for a day?!? It is bad enough as it is that they don’t work on Saturdays like USPS does. I have a good friend who is a UPS driver. His track easily takes 50+ gallons gas A DAY! He delivers items from QVC junks to human organs. If you are waiting for your heart on March 31st, do you care how much gas is???!

    3. Like I mentioned before, these major oil companies has power bigger than God. They know their ‘supply and demand rule’. If you think Bill Gates was the hero to keep Y2K from going down, you haven’t really think about what these major oil companies have done. Put it in perspective, if every single one of the computers were dead on 01/01/2000, you still would have to get into your car or gone on the bus or got into the subway to rush to grocery stores, banks and wherever you need to go to take care of businesses. Again, all gas… Look at the bigger picture…

    4. Give it the benefits of the doubt that using less gas is going to prove a point to the oil companies. Can we really use less gas? Social psychologists call it a ‘Tragedy of the Commons’, a type of social dilemmas. When we decided to use less, someone else is going to take more until they exhausted their resources. I know Facebook is powerful. But it is not that powerful to convince everyone to use less gas for a day. Someone, somewhere is going to say, ‘Wow those idiots, hehehe, more for me!’
    I looked up some statistic according to the US Bureau of Transit Statistics for 2006 there are 250,844,644 registered passenger vehicles. Of these, 135,399,945 were classified as automobiles, while 99,124,775 were classified as “Other 2 axle, 4 tire vehicles,” presumably SUVs and pick-up trucks. Yet another 6,649,337 were classified as vehicles with 2 axles and 6 tires and 2,169,670 were classified as “Truck, combination.” There were approximately 6,686,147 motorcycles in the US in 2006…
    Look at the number of SUVs! Hello! That was just in 2006! Tell those soccer moms not to pick up her kids for a day, or handy man not to go fix someone’s AC in a 100 degrees day, are you kidding me?!?

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