Porsche Cajun Update: What We Know and What We Don’t Know

Porsche Cajun?

Porsche recently announced it would build a small SUV/crossover, called the Cajun, at its Leipzig plant, alongside the Cayenne and Panamera. The plant will expand its capacity and hire “at least one thousand” new workers.

The release further states that the “light and easy-to-handle” Cajun will be an entry-level model aimed at new, younger customers. And it has been reported for some time that the car will be built on the Audi Q5 platform. Audi will build the larger SUVs, like the Q7, while Porsche will save something like 20 percent in development costs and 30 percent in development time.

That’s about all we know. Engines and drivetrain? Don’t know. Two-door, four-door? Don’t know. Appearance? Don’t know. But that hasn’t stopped car fanatics from offering their own renderings of the car.

Above is the one we like best, produced by Auto Express. We’ll show you a few more after the break.

Here’s one from AutoBild, via Cars UK.

Cajun rendering

Another, also with an AutoBild watermark, comes from the German Car Blog, which calls them “First pictures!” (from last September) of the Cajun. Hmmm. One commenter claims it’s a PhotoShopped Renault Megane.

TopSpeed shows several versions, among them the Audi-esque beauty below. That story also claims to state a whole bunch of engine and equipment details. Hmmm.

Porsche Cajun Top Speed

Ah well, this only goes to show how “creative” some of our blog competitors can get.

Which of these renderings would you expect (or hope) gets built?


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