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A secret weapon against the war on terror?

It took a secretive and elite Navy SEAL team to finally put an end to Osama bin Laden’s terror-filled time on Earth.

Each of us has mourned 9/11 and lusted for vengeance in our own way since that day (one guy even decided looking like bin Laden would be a good idea). Now that the man behind the attacks is gone, we can shift our focus to other ways of winning the war on terror.

The meaning, relevance and politics behind bin Laden’s death are topics better discussed on other blogs, but one thing nobody can deny is how much U.S. gas money goes to the region where bin Laden the person became bin Laden the mass murderer.

I think the easiest way for every American to make a contribution in this fight is to simply use less gas.

I’m not talking about going to crazy extremes that don’t make any economic sense. You don’t need to drive a car that uses the same amount of energy as a light bulb, but you could park the pickup and only use it on the two days a year you actually haul something. For your daily commute and jaunts to the grocery store, use a cheap small used car.

Search for any used Civic, Corolla, Cobalt, Focus or heck, even a Neon or a Metro, and you’ll save boatloads of cash while doing your part to send less money to the Middle East.

Our commentary on why $5 gas would be a good thing suddenly resonates even more. High gas prices are the only way to drive Americans away from foreign fuel and towards oil independence, which will go a long way towards snuffing out terrorism for good.

But in the meantime, show your patriotism and save some cash just by driving an old Accord.

Will you look into buying a cheap used car to save on gas?


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  1. Get a good used car greener than new as it already exists and likely cheaper on fuel coz it weighs less Im looking at a 91 JDM Camry turbo diesel stick at the mo

  2. This is good post. I have a 16 year old accord goin strong for the commute, with a new pick up for the weekends.

  3. Despite the plethora of recent articles trying to save consumers money, Randy’s point should not be taken lightly. Despite the common sense approach you guys usually use, many are in such a box that even if they wanted to do something to be more fuel efficient, they are in such a financial bind that they just can’t do it. Also there is ego involved with car and truck purchases. Way too many drivers select a car or truck that they think delivers a “message” about themselves. Moving into a sardine can or other fuel efficient vehicles is “just not them”. Many are soccer moms who have to haul around a bunch of rug rats and your solution just won’t work for them.

    Much like investors who finally decide to buy a stock or ETF because it is “hot” and oh, by the way, is at a historic high, are often disappointed when their choice nosedives and they lose a ton of money. Your solution this time is no different. You are asking people to buy used, when used car prices have been going up at unprecedented levels. According to Edmunds, prices are up over 10% in the past few months and with the Japanese situation going on simultaneously, the price of used cars are being happily raised by prudent dealers. Incentives, according to the same source are at their lowest levels in years. These are powerful detriments to your thesis.

    So even though your advice is sound, circumstances this time around make your advice a decision that should be made very carefully. Purchasing decisions should always be made with all factors considered. Finances, egos, and common sense sometimes are outweighed by testosterone, lack of judgment and just plain foolishness.

  4. We shovel more than a billion dollars a year into the country where Bin Laden has been hiding for many years, and our own security forces kept the raid a secret from the Pakistani government for good reason– They knew that extremist elements in the government would tip Bin Laden off. In essence, we are borrowing money to give to countries like Pakistan and we need to stop. While reducing oil dependence is a good thing, don’t count on Americans being intelligent enough to connect their big lead foot to their pain at the pump. As I said before, I don’t see any evidence that people are changing their driving habits, or will do so at any price.

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