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1968 Super Bee

Some kids are brought up in strict religious households. Others are taught by their parents to be vegetarians. When I was a kid, there was only one thing my dad wanted for me.

He didn’t care who I dated or what God I did or didn’t pray to or what music I enjoyed or if my hair grew to my shoulders. But I knew from the day I was born that I’d better not ever drive a Chrysler.

To this day I don’t know exactly why my dad was so anti-Pentastar. I think it’s due to an exploding engine in an old LeBaron, but that could also just be a myth. Whatever started it all, Chrysler to me has always been the one car brand I vowed to never own.

But I think I’m coming around. Sorry, dad, but after 34 years your son just might be convinced to finally rebel!

In the last two years Chrysler has introduced a slew of new and refreshed models, many of which have received glowing reviews. Much of the credit goes to Chrysler/Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne, who told reporters that even more changes are due through 2011.

For the muscle-car crowd, the refreshed Dodge Charger will reportedly add a Super Bee version, though Chrysler hasn’t announced any specifics on what that might include.

Wrangler will get the Pentastar, but will it get a diesel?

Offroaders should celebrate, because the Jeep Wrangler will receive Chrysler’s fantastic new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 to replace the much less powerful and outdated 3.8-liter mill.

Chrysler will even, finally, appease the fuel-conscious crowd with a rebadged Fiat 500 that will probably show up as a 40-mpg Dodge before the end of this year. Yeah, there will be some cries that Chrysler is already diluting the 500’s brand by rebadging so soon, but in this case I think it makes sense.

To make things even better, we could also see more diesel-powered vehicles join the Pentastar stable. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is getting Chrysler’s 3.0-liter CRD V6, and, we hope, the Wrangler will, too.

Chrysler has finally had its first profitable quarter since the 2009 bankruptcy, and the company has an exciting array of new vehicles in the pipeline. That, for me, is enough to put the once-forbidden brand on future shopping lists.

Will any of these new Chrysler vehicles show up on your shopping list? A diesel Grand Cherokee would be hard to ignore…


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  1. Sometimes fathers have sons that follow their father’s footsteps,or follow their father’s father’s footsteps, like me I’m following both, being a chrysler company kind of person, AND joining the army like my papa! but i haven’t done both yet. I’m still a little young to join the army. but i not young to want to follow father’s footsteps.

  2. Chrysler needs to get either an automatic or a DCT for the Dodge Viper. Pleople now do not want 6 speed manual or any manuals anymore. Sure their are some muscle heads that buy only manuals; but the majority of car sportcar buyers demand DCT or automatics.

  3. Above all else, Chrysler needs to get better styling and advertising. Their retro and gangster styling has been out for years now. The jeeps are running on what is essentially a 70 or 80 year old design, and their cars like the 300 look like a worn down bar of soap. Virtually everything in their ads is either black or silver and the ads themselves are pretty corny. The big SUV’s are OK but hardly earth-shaking in styling or features. I know a lot of Chrysler owners, especially trucks, and my overall impression is that the products are not reliable over the long run. In addition, around here, almost all of Chrysler’s advertising is targeted to their employees. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think their employees can keep Chrysler in the blackd and having potential customers who are not employees barraged with prices they can’t take advantage of is….well, it’s pretty stupid.
    On the other hand, the relationship with Fiat can be a good one. Those little Fiats can help offset Chryslers lunking fleet of gas guzzlers, and get a few interesting little cars on the road. Chrysler needs to find the talent that brought us things like cab forward styling and the minivan and put together some compelling designs for the future. I’d love to have them succeed since their my neighbor here in Michigan and our economy sure needs the boost.

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