Cars Coming Soon: Jaguar XE, Porsche 928 and… Groupon Car Deals?

For the first time in many, many years, Jaguar is on a roll.

The XJ, finally, is a serious executive machine instead of an outdated heritage car. The XK sports car remains one of the most beautiful vehicles in the world, and the XF provides a midlevel luxury sedan on par with the BMW 5 Series.

What Jag’s been missing is a competitor to the Porsche Boxster, which should be remedied in early 2013 with the Jaguar XE.

AutoExpress has some spyshots of what appears to be a test mule hot-weather testing right here in the U.S. (there’s been plenty of opportunity for that, right?). The car will sit on a shortened XK chassis, likely feature a range of V6 powerplants and even boast a performance-heavy “R” version.

Not one to sit idle, Porsche will reportedly fill a gap that’s been missing in its lineup since the glorious 928 faded away in 1995 with, well, a new 928!

1995 Porsche 928

While it might be called the 929, Porsche will reportedly lop off the rear doors of a Panamera to create the front-engine, rear-drive grand touring coupe. Since it’s the back end of the Panamera that some find “uglier than an inside-out monkey,” this sounds like another sure thing for Stuttgart.

The 929 could hit the market in 2014.

And then there’s Groupon. With some 80 million users signed up to save big bucks on everything from massages to lasagnas, it’s no surprise to see that the giant e-coupon site is beginning to dabble in car sales.

Its first deal, though, isn’t a good introduction.

This week the company offered a deal on a car: $199 for $500 off the purchase or lease of a vehicle. The deal was good only at one Detroit-area car dealer. Why, though, anyone would pay $199 to save $500 on a car is beyond me when any schmuck can walk in off the street, demand $500 (or even $5,000) off and get it…

Groupon may have stumbled on its first effort in the car-buying space, but it’s interesting to see the company step foot there. Maybe an arrangement similar to Costco’s is on the horizon? We’ll keep a money-saving eye out.

The Jaguar XE could provide compelling competition to the Boxster, and a Panamera-based 928 actually seems to make sense. Agree?


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  1. I’ve watched Jag crumble over the years from an English sports car icon to a stumbling, bumbling heap of smoking junk parts, and now it’s back. As absurd as it sounds, I think Ford helped teach them how to make a good car again.
    What I’d love to see is a small, light V12 two-seater like the XK-E, not all loaded down with the luxury junk– just light, fast and fun.
    Porsche can do the same if they follow their original 928 theme. In this area, the 928 is a popular low-cost sports option and I’m glad to see people starting to restore these cars.

  2. What happened to Porsche? It got sucked into the temptation to follow the money instead of the passion. Simple as that.

  3. Wow…if jag builds a boxster competitor. I’d be all over it! Love it. Certain level of class over a boxster. A new 928 would be cool but based on the ‘mera? Really? Sounds like a joke to me. What happened to Porsche?

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