New Way to Save Big on Rental Cars

Car rental ad

Cut spending and save money. Those were two of the biggest themes that dominated headlines the last couple weeks.

Well, maybe there’s a third theme, too: extreme heat. But seriously, it’s August and yeah, things get hot around here in August. If you don’t like it, take a cold shower, sit in an ice-filled kiddie pool, or rent a car and drive out to the Pacific Northwest, where temps hover around 80 degrees.

What? Renting a car is too expensive? Well hang on just a minute. There is a new way to rent that just might take the bite out of car rental costs.

While sitting in my temperature-controlled 74-degree kitchen yesterday morning and flipping through the local paper, I noticed an article about a car rental company offering a new way for customers to save big: driving cars wrapped in advertisements.

While car-wrapping is nothing new (some companies actually pay drivers to wrap their personal cars), I’ve never heard of a rental company getting in on the game. It’s actually quite brilliant, and makes a lot of sense for everybody.

In the article, a woman booked an SUV for a family trip. The regular price for the rental, from Budget Rent-a-Car, would have been $300, but by renting a vehicle wrapped with an ad, her cost was just $88. Pretty sweet deal.

The ad program, being rolled out in Atlanta-area Budget stores, will run through November. I could see the idea expanding through other rental agencies, though, as its a great way to supplement income for hurting rental car companies while providing customers with some much needed financial relief.

There may be people who don’t want to stand out by driving a car that brings attention to them, but the way I see it, if I’m renting a car, I don’t really care if people look at me. I wouldn’t even care what the car was advertising… candy bars, Midol, ambulance-chasing lawyers… As long as I was saving money I’d happily tool around town advertising anything the company asked me to.

For the record, though, only family-friendly and tastefully done ads will adorn rental cars. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind if things got a little saltier.

Maybe when the program reaches Las Vegas…

Would you be willing to save money on a rental car by driving a car wrapped in ads?


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  1. Ah, that makes perfect sense. Maybe your software isn’t so dumb after all.

  2. @ Randy
    But that word appears in a *ton* of Spam comments, Randy, which is why we ignore it. Otherwise our blog would be running an endless commercial like the one you fear would be on your rental.

  3. @ Jim Redd
    Jim, it means I don’t like paying anything to advertise someone else’s product–whether it’s cars or Ralph Lauren shirts.

  4. Hey guys, did you know your software ignores a comment with the word v i a g r a in it? (letters pushed together of course) That’s pretty dumb, last time I checked it’s not a dirty word.

  5. I’d get stuck driving the blue sedan with a v i a g r a commercial on the side.

  6. @ jgoods
    That doesn’t even make sense, jgoods. What does a Polo shirt have to do with saving money on a rental?

  7. It’s a terrible idea, unless you like wearing shirts with the Polo logo.

  8. I wouldn’t have a problem at all with driving a rental car that is advertising something, especially if it saves me over $200. I also wouldn’t care what the ad was for. Maybe they could create a rate plan… the “saltier” the ad the cheaper the price! lol.
    Great idea, I hope it takes off everywhere!

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