BMW X6 Active Hybrid Already Cancelled

BMW X6 Active Hybrid

A hybrid vehicle should accomplish several goals:

  1. Substantially increase fuel economy over comparable gas-powered models
  2. Offer a weight savings over comparably equipped models
  3. Cost slightly more than a comparable gas-powered model
  4. Offer quicker off-the-line performance due to the instant torque associated with batteries

In my humble opinion, I’d rather own a diesel or small gas engine to save money at the pump, but I acknowledge the passion many people have for hybrids and generally applaud their stellar fuel economy numbers.

The BMW X6 Active Hybrid has been an odd duck since its 2009 beginning, not meeting any of those criteria. If, for some reason, you’re in the market for one of the most confusing ute-wagon-hatch things ever produced by the Bavarians, act quick. The monstrosity has been cancelled, and soon you’ll find them only on the used market.

Here’s why it doesn’t make any sense:

The X6 Active Hybrid has a hefty 480 horsepower and produces 575 pound-feet of torque. It weighs around 400 pounds more than the fossil-fuel-only-powered X6 and is rated by the EPA at 17 mpg in the city. The gas-only V6 is rated at 16. The diesel X6 gets 19 city.

So the X6 Active Hybrid doesn’t offer much advantage in fuel economy or a weight savings. How about value and performance?

Nope. The standard X6 starts at around $57,000. The hybrid costs, incredibly, almost $90,000. So does the mighty 555-hp X6M. Why in the world would anyone buy the hybrid? Well, obviously, they didn’t.

The X6 Active Hybrid was a rare miss by BMW, and it’s surprising that the company didn’t put the halt on it before it ever entered production. Come to think of it, I’ve never even seen an X6 on the road, hybrid or otherwise. Maybe the entire line should go, along with the whale that is the 5 Series GT.

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  1. I hadn’t even heard of this car. A hybrid priced like a m? What were they smoking? Randy is right. BMW should only do what they’ve always done.

  2. I’m not sure why you’d think lighter weight was a goal of a successful hybrid. I’m not aware of a single one that is lighter than it’s conventional counterpart. Kind of hard to lose weight when adding a half ton of battery, big generator/alternator, electric motor(s), a big box of electronics and some large, heavy cables.
    BMW’s debacle shows what happens when you leave your core product and try to make a gimmick machine to make money. The outrageous price should clue you in that this thing was made to screw suckers out of money. I know a lot of beemer owners and I can’t think of a single one who bought the car to save fuel. Style, performance, handling and fine German engineering– that’s BMW. IMO, the company has actually made a mistake by producing X-series SUV’s in the first place, and a hybrid? Pure looney.

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