Cars Coming Soon: Next Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon U.S.-Bound?

Now that the UAW and GM have come to a labor agreement, we can start to focus on bigger, more exciting news. Like cars coming soon.

If there’s a great thing about union negotiations, it’s that they often open a peephole into some planned new product due to the union and automaker discussing needs for workers and plant operations. In this case, General Motors negotiated with UAW brass to add 1,800 workers to a Missouri plant to build, get ready for this, a midsize pickup truck.

Could that mean a replacement for the cancelled Colorado/Canyon twins could indeed hit the U.S. market?

Left-hand-drive version on the way?

Currently, the Missouri plant builds the big Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans. Adding an entire shift likely means another product line, because we know darn well demand for full-size vans doesn’t warrant 1,800 extra people. GM has said the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups won’t be sold in the States, because they’d be priced too closely to the entry-level full-size pickups, but this news makes us think otherwise. It seems unlikely that a vehicle would be built here and then exported around the world without having a spot reserved in domestic showrooms.

The concepts of the next Colorado that GM has brandished around the auto-show circuit look to be exactly what U.S. small pickup fans crave. I’ve always been a fan of small trucks, and if GM offered one smaller than the Toyota Tacoma, and with a small diesel engine, I’d lead the parade to the nearest GMC dealer to write a deposit check.

Midsize trucks haven’t sold well here in the recent past. Could a new entry from GM, along with some proper marketing, change that?


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  1. Wow, yet another Malibu look-alike. How many is that now, 12 or so? Chevy is going to be in big trouble when people tire of the styling.

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