Neiman Marcus Car Blows Our Minds

There are two things in life that never cease to blow my mind.

One is the picture of a brain cell next to a picture of the universe. Could it be that within every brain cell of every brain is an entire universe that exists on a quantum level? Or if each thought you have creates a new brain cell, thereby creating a new universe?

Take your time with that one. The next one will take the mind blowing to a whole new level:

It’s the annual Neiman Marcus special edition holiday catalog gift car.

Every year luxury retailer Neiman Marcus selects one car and asks its maker to produce an extra special edition to include, in extremely limited numbers, in its annual holiday catalog. The cars, no matter their make, model or cost, always sell out. Usually within minutes of going on sale.

Last year’s car was a $75,000 Chevy Camaro SS convertible. The year before that was a Jaguar XJ. In 2008 it was a special edition BMW 7 Series. Lexus, Maserati, Cadillac and Aston Martin have also graced the sacred Neiman pages, and all have sold out faster than the cars can accelerate to a hundred miles an hour.

This year’s car, the Ferrari FF, would make a most welcome gift under any tree, if, of course, any still remained. The $395,000 catalog item sold out within 50 minutes of going on sale.

Can you take this much mind blowing in one day?

Regular people, like you and me, can order a spec FF for around $300,000 but have to wait a good two years before Ferrari can actually get around to building it. The $95,000 Neiman Marcus premium bought buyers an immediate, individually numbered FF, along with a trip to Ferrari’s winter driving school in Aspen.

The fact that these sold out so quickly has to be a sign that the economy is improving, considering the much less expensive Jaguar took 4 hours to sell out. Either that, or maybe the rich are just more in touch with the little universes inside their heads and know a smart investment when they see one.

If you had the money, would you buy a Neiman Marcus car? I would – I think they are smart investments!


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  1. Well, IF I had $400,000 to spend on a car, and IF one of these Ferraris was available to me, THEN yes, I would buy it without worrying too much about its performance potential as I would also build a climate controlled suite for it where I could just sit in my $50,000 chair, with a house staff to wait on me and spend days at a time just looking at it. No! Wait a minute. Maybe I would take it with me when I went to my summer cottage in Monaco to see the Grand Prix. Oh, no … I would have to have it with me when I went to Rio for Carnival so maybe I would need two of them … Whose idea was this anyway? Now my brain hurts.

  2. You can’t figure out why the Ferrari would sell out faster than a Jag? Obviously with this kind of car, price isn’t the issue, rarity and demand is. If cost isn’t an object, which would you rather have in your garage?

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