Happy Thanksgiving! This Year’s Biggest Automotive Turkey Is…

2012 Volkswagen Passat

Is the Car of the Year a turkey?

Over 45 million turkeys are being savored on American dinner plates today.

Americans love turkey. We love dousing it in gravy, we love it with mashed potatoes, we love it with stuffing and cranberry sauce. Someone has even invented tofu that “tastes” like turkey to satisfy the three people in America who crave the flavor but don’t want the guilt.

Turkey makes us happy. Turkeys make us sleep well. So why did the term “turkey” come to describe something that fails to meet expectations? Who knows. But when a car is labeled as the “Biggest Turkey of the Year,” you can bet it isn’t going to be good.

Keep reading for a look at the vehicle winning this year’s dubious honor.

There are plenty of cars that qualify as this year’s Big Turkey. The new Honda Civic could capture the title for its spate of negative reviews. The new 2013 Lexus GS 350 and its pincer-style grille could win on looks alone. I might have considered nominating the new Volkswagen Passat, but then it went and won Car of the Year from Motor  Trend. Turkeys don’t win Car of the Year.

So what’s my choice?

The 2012 Ford Explorer 2.0 EcoBoost.

2012 Ford Explorer 2.0 EcoBoost

The engine would be a great one, no doubt, if it were in a Focus. A 4-banger, turbocharged or not, has no businesses motivating a 4,550-pound crossover SUV. Get the V6 Explorer instead, and you’ve got a real winner. The EcoBoost, in this application, will just put you to sleep.

Which I suppose is why it’s called a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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