Cars Coming Soon: The Next-Generation Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo

Say goodbye to the Gallardo

Try as I might, I can’t bring myself to write about a Civic over a Gallardo. Sure, one has more mass appeal, because it’s a mass-produced vehicle accesible to anyone who wants one, while the other car might as well exist on the same planet as unicorns and leprechauns.

Everyone has a Civic. If we’re not driving it on our way to the Red Robin for Happy Hour, we’ll certainly pass a dozen on the way. But very few of us will ever drive a Gallardo, or even see one in person to verify they exist.

And yet, power and grace capture our attention over practicality and go-slow every time.

The simple fact is, we read about Civics when we need to buy one. We read about Lamborghinis because we love cars. If that’s you, keep reading for some clues into the successor to the Gallardo!

Most car companies employ a design philosophy called “evolutionary, not revolutionary.” Porsche is perhaps the most notorious for that, as its 911 hasn’t really changed shape in decades. Lamborghini, being the brash socially unacceptable cousin, employs the reverse strategy.

In a recent interview with Car and Driver, CEO Stephan Winkelmann said that the new car, which may carry the name Cabrera (sounds too Porsche-esque for my tastes, plus I know a weather girl with that last name), will mark a “clear cut” from the Gallardo.

We always say that design is not an evolution but a revolution, and this will be the philosophy of the follow-up to the Gallardo.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador J

The new Cabrera will replace the Gallardo as the “entry-level” Lambo and will have all-wheel drive along with an upgraded version of the current V10 engine. Early estimates have the Cabrera achieving around 600 hp with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. Maybe it will take some design cues from the new Aventador J! All this is exciting for sure, but then comes this news:

Lamborghini has confirmed in order for the new car to work seamlessly, the Cabrera will not have a manual transmission option.

That deflates the sails a little, doesn’t it? The Civic may be a lot less sexy, but at least it still comes with a proper row-your-own gear changer!

All sports cars should have a manual transmission option. Period. Do you agree?


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  1. If I Have Lambo, I Want Name It Like This “Lamborghini Degaroad” :D

  2. If people can do sex in an airliner restroom, there’s no reason why they can’t do it in an exotic. As we now find out Panayoti is a tongue-in-cheek sexist, I’ve worked with a few gals (that happened to be pro test drivers and high-performance driving instructirs) that not only knew the front end of the car from the back end, could give me a ride on the track that required me to wipe MY end by the time it was over.

  3. Juan has a great point- if you love to drive get a Miata. Or that Subaru BRZ. How many people who own a Lambo actually drive it like it’s meant to be driven?
    Randy has a point too- at this level of performance, it’s better to let the car do the shifting.

  4. @ Juan M Handal
    Do you mean to tell me that you know women who knew the front end of the car from the back? I’m amazed. As to the sex, I’m assuming that you can’t do that in the Lambo. (very big grin).

  5. Not only should sports car have a manual ‘box, they should be built to be driven, not just shown off. I have seen many Gallardos which have never seen the upper side of 80MPH. And remember, it is much more fun to drive fast in a slow car than slow in a fast car. If you want to have lots of sex buy a Lambo, if you want to drive, buy a Miata…

  6. High powered vehicles are much more drivable (and safer) with the newer automatic transmissions. Ask any F1 driver. I never mastered heel-toe technique (probably because of my big hoofs) and I found good paddle shifters with dual-clutch transmissions very easy to drive while still getting good times. So I can’t agree with you that a manual should always be an option. I’d much rather go head-to-head with that bumbling doctor in a Ferrari when I know he’s not going to miss a shift and push me off into the ditch.

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