Cars Coming Soon: The Great 2014 Chevrolet SS Performance Debacle

Chevrolet 2014 SS Performance confirmed

Blogs everywhere are running with the story that a technology blogger has uncovered the mysteries of Chevrolet’s 2014 product plan.

At first glance, it appears the find may be something. On second and third glances, though, it seems like something might be fishy.

The story goes something like this:

Technology blogger Christopher Price has found out that two all-new 2014 models from GM are coming, thanks to some digging around OnStar’s website.

It then continues to say that this proves Chevy is planning a performance sedan, called the SS Performance. That news is even hotter right now because of the recent announcement of GM’s trademark application for the name SS.

Clearly something is up. But come on, let’s think this through, people.

Do you really think GM would tell OnStar its product plan, complete with new model names, only to have that info discreetly buried on its website? That doesn’t make any sense.

It seems far more plausible that OnStar is doing some planning of its own and using a list of filler names as it prepares for the 2014 list. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that GM would call its next performance sedan, probably based off the hot Holden Commodore, the SS Performance. But I surely hope the marketing minds at General Motors have something far more clever up their collective sleeves. Maybe something like “Caprice” or “Chevelle.”

Also, look closer at that list. See the Avalanche listed? Well, we already know there will be no Avalanche in 2014. And what’s with the Chevy Captiva showing up on the list? Might as well add the Celebrity and Citation, too. This published list is simply wrong. It’s a placeholder.

What it does tell us, though, is there’s a really good chance some real news about the SS Performance, or whatever it will be called, will come soon.

 What name would you give to Chevy’s upcoming SS performance sedan?


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  1. The Chevy Captiva is a rebadged Saturn Vue that GM is selling as a fleet vehicle to rental companies.

  2. I know your pain. I wanted to buy a used MR2 Spyder and ended up with a Prius. I wanted to get a German Shepard and ended up with a Bassett Hound. Oh what we do for love. At least she let me buy a Ford tractor with a front loader.

  3. I had a chance to buy a new G8 GXP… it was the last one on the dealer’s lot. Pontiac had been discontinued, the cars were on close-out. Coulda picked it up for a good deal. I didn’t, because I was afraid of the Wrath of the Wife. I still regret not at least making an offer! Maybe whatever the SS Performance is will make up for it!

  4. Well, it would be nice if GM brought back the base for one of the few bright spots in the past few years– the Pontiac G8 GTO. A natural choice would be as a Super Sport model. In a world of interesting, high performance sedans and hatches, why not a 1970’s based midsize solid axle rear drive muscle car? No wonder American cars are such a world-wide laughing stock. A Holden/G8 revival is a natural for Chevy, the king of cheap.

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