Cars (and Car Shows) Coming Soon: Seinfeld, Gervais, Baldwin and David Tease Mystery Project

I’m not personal friends with Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin or Larry David. If I were, though, I’d call them up and ask what’s going on. I’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors and teases about some kind mystery project the four comedians are working on together.

Normally, as funny as those four would be on the same screen, they wouldn’t be enough to inspire a post here on these hallowed car pages. But there are signs that the mystery project could be a car show of some kind.

That, while pure speculation and based on only small clues, would be the most amazing show to hit television in America since Top Gear. And not the American version, but the real one, with Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow.

As of this writing, all the stories online about the project are carbon copies of each other.

The stories, including this one from the Chicago Tribune, quote the same mysterious tweets:

Seinfeld’s latest tweets on the project came on Monday, when he posted a pair of photos—one of him walking with David and another of he and David getting into a 1952 VW Bug—along with the tweets “Seiny and LD back together again? What could this mean?” and “Here’s a clue: A 1952 VW.”

On April 17, Seinfeld tweeted, “New Seiny Gig Update: Always lovable Ricky Gervais and myself shooting today in City Island, NY,” along with a photo of Gervais and him in a vintage sports car.

On April 9, Seinfeld tweeted, “My New Project: Shooting today in Battery Park City,” along with a photo of himself inside a DeLorean.

Notice the common theme? A vintage VW, a vintage sports car and a vintage time machine. Oh, please let this be true. I don’t even have TV service, but I’ll get it, and pay whatever my local provider asks, just to see what these four have in store.

Would a car show starring Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin and Larry David be enough to get your butt on the couch to watch some TV?


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  1. I was just thinking the opposite, that it’s nice to see something a little different, with some personality, instead of just re-hashed car news.
    Plus, Seinfeld is a known Porsche fanatic, so this could be very good!

  2. Please, please don’t allow this site to be denigrated with topics like this. Shame.

  3. Ah, a hard core New Yorker who likely doesn’t own a car, a British insult comic, a New York comedy writer/producer, and a left-wing Hollywood Prius owner. They’d probably get more autorientation from Flint Michigan-raised Michael Moore. I’m curious though, and hopefully we’ll see more than the inside of a Saab.

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