BMW’s “Gran” Mistake

Let’s list the things wrong with the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe:

1. It looks like a Porsche Panamera.

2. There is no reason for its existence.

3. It is a 6 Series and has the word “Coupe” in its name, but it has four doors.

4. The word “Gran,” which apparently is German for “The word that comes next can mean whatever we want.”

Let’s look at these individually, shall we?

It looks like a Porsche Panamera.

Don’t get me wrong—the Panamera is a wonderful car. It serves a purpose, which is to cater to the track-loving Porsche guys who also have families to tote around. I get it. Sure, it looks a bit…puffy…but it has a reason for existence. Which brings me to:

There is no reason for the Gran Coupe’s existence.

It seems to me the only reason BMW made the Gran Coupe is because Audi has the A7 and Mercedes-Benz has the CLS-Class. That might be excusable if the market for such cars was on fire, but it’s not. BMW buyers who want a 4-door performance sedan have plenty of other options.

It is a 6 Series and has the word “Coupe” in its name, but it has four doors.

A 6 Series is supposed to have two doors. So are coupes. So a 6 Series Gran Coupe with four doors? This upsets me.

The word “Gran.”

It’s like “Grand” but without the “d.” See what they did there? Sure, Gran has seen its fair share of use in the auto world. Gran Turismo, the video game. Gran Torino, the Ford. In this case, though, the word serves only to change the meaning of the word “coupe.” What’s next, the BMW 3 Series Gran SUV, which is actually a MINI Cooper-size electric car?

By at least one account, the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is a fine driver’s car. I would expect nothing less. But sometimes it takes more than that to justify bringing a car into existence.

Besides the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, can you think of any other cars that should never have been built?


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  1. Oh lord, that Fiat Multipla. I saw one some years ago at Fiat’s offices hear Detroit (before Fiat bought Chrysler) and wondered how a company that could make wonderul things like Alfas could produce such a bizarre and hideous vehicle– and they’re not even French!

  2. You know, when almost every other auto site is praising this car, it’s so refreshing to see you guys question the WHY behind it. Thanks for that. It hadn’t even occurred to me, and BMW probably thinks it won’t to most buyers, that this car really doesn’t have a special purpose. Well done here, CarGurus.

  3. Looks like BMW are making cars for 2 digit sales figures… 6 series seem like a pointless proposition to begin with.. add to that, the new 5 & 7 series 4 doors have enough variants to cater to most buyers!

    3 Cars i wished never existed coz they were not just ugly, but pointless… when the competition cud provide wot they claimed to offer without having to look weird- Pontiac Aztek, Fiat Multipla and Reva electric car!

  4. It seems to have some strange overlaps with other beemers, and is not particulary attractive, either. Most of the car manufacturers seem to be getting a bit schizo these days– probably because the international market is so fragmented and confused. It’s almost an effort to please everyone with a car, which probably makes for some bad cars. (As BMW has found out.)

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