One More for the Road: Last SSC Ultimate Aero Something Special

2013 SSC Ultimate Aero XT

SSC North America, once known as Shelby Supercars, is famous for producing the record-breaking Ultimate Aero. That car once held the distinguished title of Fastest Production Car in the World, before being unseated by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

Next on SSC’s agenda is a car to replace the Ultimate Aero and, the company hopes, regain its speed title. The car for that assignment is the yet-to-be released SSC Tuatara. But as Ultimate Aero production winds down, there is one more version for a few lucky buyers—a version that’s Tuatara on the inside and Ultimate Aero on the outside…

The Ultimate Aero XT, of which only 5 will be produced, gets the twin-turbocharged, dual-intercooled aluminum block V8 from its soon-to-be successor. With 6.9 liters of displacement (up from 6.4 liters in the standard Aero) and help from the turbo, SSC says the XT puts out a nearly impossible 1,300 horsepower. The XT also gets other important Tuatara bits, including a 7-speed Tuatara paddle-shifting transmission and the Tuatara’s cooling, fuel and braking systems.

SSC founder and CEO Jerod Shelby says,

It will certainly stand apart from any other Ultimate Aero in the market today.

As though being one in five isn’t exclusive enough, the paint colors chosen by the five XT owners will never be repeated again.

In case you’re not ready to write that million-dollar check, the XT has some luxury comforts going for it, too, including a cockpit-controlled front air lift to better navigate speed bumps and driveways. A backup camera and navigation system are also included.

SSC Tuatara

Pricing hasn’t been released, but regardless of the cost, we can be sure all five XTs are probably already taken. Considering the popularity of the new Tuatara in the Middle East, I’d be willing to wager that all five XTs will make their way from their home in the deserts of Eastern Washington to the deserts of Dubai.

Would you wait for the SSC Tuatara or go for the special edition Ultimate Aero XT?


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  1. It’s really a shame that so many talented engneers at SSC are wasting their time producing the same absurd supercars over and over to sell to jaded Arabs who park them in a big garage full of similar cars, none of which they really care about. Are they good enough engineers to develop a super transmission that can be built cheaply and reduces fuel consumption or develop a new engine with super economy and ultra low emissions? It’s a shame because they are like world-class heart surgeons who won’t do anything plastic surgury boob jobs on Hollywood stars.

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