Lots of Favorite Cars, but Loyal to None

Lexus RX 330

My favorite road-tripping car, at least until the next one comes along

I’ve never been one to devote myself to a single brand, unless you count my fanboy devotion to Apple. Between my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPod nano, iPod Touch and iPad, it’s possible that iMight have an iProblem.

I have yet to find a car brand that has the same effect on me, which is odd, considering I like cars way more than I like tech. I can count no fewer than eight different car brands I have owned over the years, and that’s just in my adult life. Count the cars I drove, but didn’t personally own, as a teenager, and that increases by at least two.

Lexus, Jaguar, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Subaru and Suzuki have all, at some point in my life, shared a space in my garage. Some of those makes I’ve owned twice, but that’s as deep as my loyalty goes. Do I have a favorite? That all depends on what I used the car for. I wonder if I’m alone in my wishy-washy devotion to car brands. Do other CarGurus readers tend to pick one brand and stick with it?

If I could have many different cars for different purposes, I would.

My favorite road-trip car ever is the Lexus RX 330, because it’s comfortable and roomy and gets decent highway gas mileage. Even loaded to the brim on the inside, carrying a family of four and hauling four mountain bikes on the back while cruising through mountain passes and averaging over 70 mph, the Lexus still returned a respectable 22 mpg without so much as a hiccup along the way.

For looking way more impressive than it actually is, I’d have to go with the Jaguar X-Type. For the redneck in me, the Mustang GT was fun. The Forester was the best snow car, and the Tercel was a favorite just for how uncomfortable it was.

Looks expensive, but isn't

I find myself thinking about my next car a lot, even though I have no intention of trading just yet. With all the makes out there I’ve yet to try, though, I have to wonder if one will eventually become to cars what Apple has become with my technology. Will it be Porsche? BMW? Something that takes me by surprise like FIAT or Tesla? Who knows. I do know that as much as I love cars, my journey in buying, owning and selling them is just beginning.

Are you loyal to certain car brands or still searching for the one that steals your heart?


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  1. Well i’ve owned two makes of car so far (Seat and Land Rover) and the one that I seem to be most loyal to is definitely Land Rover, they may not be the most comfortable or best on fuel but there’s something I just love about them.. but I just can’t put a finger on it! We’ve had 3 now and we’ll no doubt have a fourth when we sell the current one

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