Four Great Trucks Americans Can’t Have

Holden Colorado

Coming soon: the new Chevy Colorado

Top Gear made the Toyota Hilux legendary by trying to destroy it. It drove out of an ocean, survived a collapsing building and traversed to the North Pole. The truck simply can’t be stopped.

The Hilux is a perfect example of a tough truck that Americans don’t get to enjoy. Instead, we get the Tacoma and Tundra. Which are fine, but really, what would happen if a new Tacoma got submerged in an incoming ocean tide? I shudder to think.

As great as the Hilux may be, is it still the toughest little truck in all the world? After all, it hasn’t been significantly updated since 2005, and at least three other trucks have matured into worthy competitors.

But can anyone really beat the Toyota? did a fantastic comparison of the Hilux with the Volkswagen Amarok, Holden Colorado and Ford Ranger. These midsize trucks have been held back from our market by their makers, because conventional wisdom holds that we Americans would rather get a fullsize truck if a midsize one is priced similarly. That’s probably true for many buyers, but I still wish we had the same choices as our Aussie friends.

So how’d the comparison shake down?

Surprisingly, the Toyota has lost some ground, particularly on the off-road test, where the brakes were an issue and, probably more importantly, it came in dead last for its value proposition.

The entire comparison is worth a read, but the bottom line is the Hilux consistently trailed the other trucks and received a last-place overall finish while the Ranger, Colorado and Amarok finished in a tight 1-2-3 race.

So why am I covering a competition of trucks that most of us in the States will never see? Because one of the best ones, the new Colorado, will be brought to the States by Chevrolet. That could be a very smart move by GM, if midsize  truck buyers can get past the stigma of the original Colorado and see this new one for the champion it looks like it’ll be.

Would you buy a midsize Colorado over a fullsize Silverado?


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  1. Another Malibu. And from Holden, to boot. So dull, so insipid, so Chevy. The VW looks interesting.

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