Rumors of a Barracuda Resurrection

SRT Barracuda, front-quarter view

The automotive rumor mill is a wonderful place to hang out. Sometimes it’s where car fantasies come true, and other times it’s a place where we can go to shake our heads in disbelief at ideas we hope never materialize.

The latest rumor churned out by the mill will have people firmly on both sides, because it involves everything a good rumor should include: the return of a storied name, an all-new body style and the epic battle that happens when a muscle car turns into a sports car.

The legendary Plymouth Barracuda just might come back, but it may not look the way you think it should.

Everything here is complete speculation and rumor, but it makes for good conversation on what could be down the road.

The old Barracuda has an iconic shape, and one might think, if Chrysler wanted to bring it back, it would take the retro route like it has with the Dodge Challenger and Charger. But retro only goes so far, and in today’s world, maybe it would make more sense to bring back the ‘Cuda name but put it on something completely different. Like a lightweight modern sports car.

Car and Driver has followed the rumors of a new ‘Cuda and took a stab at creating a rendering of what a new one might look like.

SRT Barracuda, rear

The original’s long hood and short deck are replaced by a short hood and short deck. The split grille is slightly reminiscent of early ‘Cudas, but might be more at home on a modern Pontiac (if there were such a thing). I even see some Camaro in that pointy chin.

C/D says a 2015 SRT Barracuda could replace the current Challenger, but with a smaller vehicle that’s more of a sports car than a muscle car. Under that short hood we could see anything from a turbocharged 4-cylinder, a 3.6-liter V6 and, of course, either a 5.7- or 6.4-liter Hemi.

Size-wise, this new ‘Cuda would be closer to the Ford Mustang than the Challenger, which I think would make the 6.4-liter a bit of overkill.

But hey, as long as the rumor’s out there, it’s fun to think about!

Should the Barracuda be brought back as a retro design, as a lightweight modern sports car, or not at all?


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  1. Hopefully the folks at Chrysler will look at the Dart and see some other Alfa models like the 8c or 4c that will translate well to North America. I think US Automakers are starting to realize (about five years too late) that the “retro” look is dead, and as the greybeards stop buying new cars (or get too fat to get into a vette or Camaro) the curent rehashes will go away.

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