Can You Choose a Better Car than Auto Journalists?

It’s a simple question that many of us, auto writers or not, are asked on a consistent basis:

If you had $100,000, what car would you buy?

Take a moment to think about that, and you’ll realize how tough a question it really is. There are so many excellent choices that having to decide for real could be paralyzing. Would you go for something super luxurious, or would you go for pure performance? Something that blends excitement and practicality? Or maybe the Hyundai Veloster?

Vanity Fair asked 13 automotive writers that question and received some interesting results, some priced well below the $100K limit. Someone even picked the Veloster. Seriously.

It’s interesting to note that the 13 writers each chose a different car, which illustrates the massive well of choices available. Here’s what they chose:

Even auto writers can make questionable choices. A MINI? The BRZ? A hybrid? The Veloster!? Come on people, live a little! If you won a free trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go, Delaware?

For a hundred grand or less you could be one of the first to take home a Jaguar F-Type supercharged V8. Or a Nissan GT-R. Or a BMW M5. Heck, even the 2013 Porsche Boxster S makes a good case to be chosen over the 911.

A budget of a hundred thousand bucks opens up the best of automotive engineering and experience. I’d have to test-drive one, of course, but right now my money would go for the F-Type.

For $100,000 or less, which car would you bring home?


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  1. The choices may have made more sense if the writers were asked to pick a car for daily driving. Lotus Evora or Nissan GT-R? What could be more miserable to drive in a traffic jam? It’s also a completely different story when someone is actually spending one’s own money versus imaginary spending of someone else’s. Being very practical, I’d opt for a Toyota Tundra 4WD pickup to pull a nice 5th wheel trailer. (Yep, I could get a heck of a nice trailer AND the pickup for less than a hundred grand.)

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