The Ultimate $90,000 Christmas Gift

Kirkham 628

I wanted to wait until December before I even considered using the word “Christmas” in a blog post. At least I made it until after Thanksgiving! As I begin the annual ritual of scouring my favorite shopping websites for gift ideas, I believe I’ve found the ultimate response to the question, “So, what do you want for Christmas?”

Here’s what I want: the Ultimate Garage Package from Costco.

If Walmart sold a package with that name, you might think it would include some car-wash supplies, a storage cabinet and a set of cheap tools. This package, though, is a bit more special than that. Of course, for $90,000, it should be.

It’s not uncommon for the Costco website to feature outlandishly expensive items on its front page. I’ve seen a $10,000 outdoor play system for kids and a $300,000 diamond. This weekend, I saw this: The Ultimate Garage Package for $89,999.99. For that, your rich uncle buys you a 6-piece cabinet system, a Bighorn Classic safe, 456 square feet of garage tiles in a choice of colors, a 41-inch stainless steel tool box, a 2-ton engine crane, two 6-ton ratcheting jack stands and a 3.5-ton vehicle lift jack, all delivered directly to your garage for no additional charge.

Oh, and I almost forgot one more thing:


Also included is a Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC component vehicle. The hand-crafted aluminum Shelby Cobra replica is assembled in a Polish factory that used to build MiG fighter jets. (Incidentally, MiGs were made famous, in my mind, by the movie Top Gun. Surely you remember.)

The one catch? The car doesn’t come with an engine or a transmission. You’ll get to use all your new toys to put those in yourself. May I suggest the Ford Boss 302 5.0-liter 444-hp crate engine?

With just less than a month left before December 25, it’s not too early to begin hoping for a Christmas miracle!

What engine would you put into your Kirkham 427?


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  1. Oh my god my husband would LOVE this gift!!
    I hope you both are on Santa’s nice list this year. :)

  2. How about that new corvette engine!? Can’t imagine that’ll come cheap but can you imagine?

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