Merry Christmas from CarGurus! We Think Santa Drives a…

Santa's sleigh

As Santa returns from his annual trip around the world, let’s pause for a moment and wonder what the big fella drives upon his return to the North Pole.

Certainly the reindeer and sleigh get put away until next Christmas Eve and Kris Kringle enjoys his time off showing off some well-earned wheels.

But what would his vehicle of choice be? Surely it has to have all-wheel drive. And be red. And big enough to hold Santa, the Mrs. and maybe an elf or two.

Keep reading for the one car I would bet my Christmas presents that Santa keeps stored in his secret man-workshop.

Ferrari FF

There’s really no other choice, is there? The Ferrari FF is everything Santa needs or should ever want in a car.

As Ferrari’s first-ever all-wheel-drive vehicle, the FF brings some serious thrust, possibly even rivaling the acceleration provided by his 8-rp (reindeerpower) red sleigh. The FF’s 6.0-liter, 651-hp V12 engine and the exceptional traction provided by its smartly designed all-wheel-drive system mean Santa can roar across the frozen tundra without worrying about being able to make it back home in time for his nightly dinner of milk and cookies. Of course, the FF looks nothing short of amazing in Santa’s favorite color and perfectly matches his jolly red suit.

Which we assume he wears all the time.

Merry Christmas!


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