These Are the World’s Ugliest Cars, Right?

Ssangyong Rodius

Ssangyong Rodius

Anyone can make the claim that a certain car is the world’s ugliest. Naturally, we all have our own taste, and what one person may deem sickening and putrid, another may perceive as perfectly practical.

The Truth About Cars believes the Ssangyong Rodius is the ugliest car in the world. While it certainly makes a good case for itself, there are other contenders for the ugly crown. While the Rodius is not attractive by any means, take off that extra square behind the D-pillar, and it’s not much worse than the plain and uninspired Kia Rondo mixed with some Mercedes-Benz R-Class.

In the U.S. we tend to get hung up on design disasters from this market, with the Pontiac Aztek getting the most ugly attention, though the Nissan Juke might be catching up. (For the record, my 8-year-old daughter thinks the Juke is cute, while my 11-year-old son nearly has a tantrum each time he spots one.)

For serious ugliness, though, we must look outside our borders at models not available here from automakers such as Ssangyong, Peugeot and FIAT. And, what the heck, I’ll throw in an American disaster, too.

In addition to the bulbous Rodius shown above, Ssangyong builds the Actyon, pictured below. I’ll just let the picture do the talking.

Ssangyong Actyon

Peugeot has built some fine-looking cars in its day, but the TePee is not one of them. I once had a shi-tzu with a similar underbite.

Peugeot TePee

Take a look at the FIAT Multipla. Now that just doesn’t make any sense. Can you imagine the ridicule this would have received in the U.S.?

FIAT Multipla

If my son tantrums at the Juke, I admit I have a small fit when I see a Chrysler PT Cruiser. In my humble opinion, it’s straight-up the ugliest car this country ever produced.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

What do you think is the ugliest car in the entire world?


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  1. We did some work with Fiat on Alphas some years ago (before Fiat acquired Chrysler) and they had a few Multiplas sitting around their building in Michigan. I didn’t remember the name but did try to describe it to my wife and others as the ugliest car I ever saw. Not surprising since Fiat also makes the pop car, another ugly little thing made even uglier by a 4-door version.

  2. I’d rather have that new multipla (or the peugeot, same thing) than a nissan leaf or a saturn ion red line. It is not THAT ugly. And i like that PT Cruiser, i never understood why people don’t !

  3. i think you guys nailed it with the fiat multipla. I lived in europe for a while, my neighbor owned one. I could never figure out why…

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