Our Favorite Valentine’s Day “V” Cars (In Red, of Course)

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favorite car models that start with the letter “V.” Some manufacturers, like Aston Martin and Volvo, have a bunch of models that start with the letter “V,” so we did our best to choose wisely. As an aside, there were a ton of minivans that started with “V,” too. We left those off for obvious reasons. Here are the top pics in alphabetical order:

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Cars Coming Soon: The Hottest of the Hot Hatches

Mercedes-Benz A45

Ford, Volkswagen and Subaru each build hatchback cars designed for performance. Each offering has a unique set of abilities and drawbacks, yet each will leave a driver smiling after a high-speed flog through twisty roads.

Even in the hot hatch segment, though, there are good cars, and there are great cars.

Typically the most sought-after performance hatchbacks don’t arrive in the U.S. Instead they spend their days happily taunting us from the shores of Europe. Could things change with the introduction of the Audi S3 Sportback and the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG? Well, as long as there’s hasn’t been a firm “no,” we will hold on to hope.

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Musk vs. The New York Times: The Tesla Showdown!

2013 Tesla Model S

I don’t know why people continue to be surprised that electric cars have range limits. My 8-year-old daughter has an electric scooter and loves it, but knows it’ll die out somewhere around the 25th time down her long driveway and she’ll end up pushing it back to the garage. It doesn’t make her angry or surprise her, it’s just expected. Meanwhile, my son knows his gas-powered go-kart will run until the tank goes dry. Similar concept, different fuel. One can be refueled in about 30 seconds, while the other takes all night.

These are kids’ toys, and there’s no mystery involved.

Yet auto writers seem to love it when their test EV runs out of juice somewhere along a pre-determined test route designed to push the limits of range. Why? Because it gives them something to rant about. They can say things like, “Aha! This car left me stranded!”

That makes for a much more interesting story than reporting that a car finished a test loop without issue.

By now most people on Earth probably know about the New York Times writer and his adventures with a Tesla Model S, as well as Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s fiery reply. Come on guys, let’s just hug this thing out.

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Electric DeLorean On the Way, Within Months!

DeLorean EV

I’m pretty much a fan of all things ’80s. The hair, the music, the movies, the cars… well, most of the cars. The Toyota trucks and Honda sedans were pretty great, but the rest were perfectly forgettable.

The DeLorean DMC-12, though, straddled the line between forgettable and iconic. Then, it was a watered-down attempt at a sports car. Now, it defines the entire decade thanks to its ability to accelerate to 88 mph and transcend time.

One look at a DeLorean and everything great about the 1980s jumps to mind, including life-preserver vests and Huey Lewis and the News music.

Within a year, new electric DeLoreans could be available for you and me to purchase. No more scouring the used listings for acceptable deals on old models with under-powered gas engines!

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Nothing Funny About Mr. Bean’s McLaren F1 Repair Bill

Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) in his McLaren F1

Fire ripped through the camping trailer in the early morning hours. The orange glow of the flames reflected off a wood fence across the street, soon joined by the red flashing lights of emergency trucks.

The trailer burned to its metal frame, leaving the rest as nothing more than black soot.

Parked not 2 feet from that trailer was my brand-new 2004 Honda Pilot, which, when daylight came, looked surprisingly good. Well, from the passenger side, anyway. I soon found out the driver’s side had almost completely melted away. Shattered glass burned holes in the new leather. The paint bubbled and peeled. Rubber trim was simply gone. While the Pilot didn’t catch fire, the intense heat destroyed the vehicle, which I thought would be totaled out. I took solace in knowing I’d get another new car.


The damage came to about $14,000, while the insurance company said the vehicle was still worth around $30,000. I always thought $14K was a lot to put into a vehicle that would never really be the same. But then I read about Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1, and I have a new appreciation for expensive car repairs.

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Chrysler Muddies Up Brand Image with Gift Registry

2013 Dodge Dart

Can't afford one? Have someone buy it for you

The Internet is a crazy place.

Where else can someone go with the intent of researching auto-industry news and end up instead looking at 7 bad pictures of Beyonce?

Thanks to the Internet, we can all see a 1945 Bugatti Veyron or attend an auto show from the comfort of bed. The Internet can do almost anything we want, and now, it might even be able to provide the cash needed to buy a brand-new car.


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Cars Coming Soon: Excitement Builds for Geneva Debuts

Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder

Could Spyker build a car to compete with the Porsche 911? C8 Aileron seen here

The Geneva Motor Show, which gets underway one month from today, already promises plenty of exciting debuts. From new convertibles to new entries from existing automakers, this should be a show to remember!

What I love about the Geneva show is that anything is possible. It’s a place to dream of what could be and question what is. It’s a place to challenge pre-conceived notions, introduce new ideas and boldly declare oneself as an imposing new competitor.

Of course, some of the attempts fall flat, while others could potentially change the course of an industry.

Here’s a quick peek into just a little of what will come to Geneva this year.

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Americans Drive More Miles, Use Less Gas. Turbos Responsible?

2013 Ford Fusion SE EcoBoost

Is the turbo worth the extra cost?

There are some odd stats out of the fossil-fuel world these last couple of days:

Fuel prices are up across the country, which is disturbing but not particularly odd. Families paid an average of nearly $3,000 for fuel in 2012, or about 4% of the average household annual income. That’s the highest percentage in about 30 years. Again, sad, but not surprising or odd. The amount of miles traveled by each household has increased significantly over the last 30 years, which seems to be in line with all these other trends.

So what’s the odd part about this latest news?

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Super Bowl MVP Flacco Gets His Prize: A C7 ‘Vette

Joe Flacco and his 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

My intent was to leave the Super Bowl alone. I’m not much for carrying on hype, but I forgot about one very important part of the game: the Super Bowl MVP’s prize.

As though the elevation to elite status in the league, the Lombardi trophy, the adoration of millions and the guarantee of a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract weren’t enough, MVP Joe Flacco got something else.

A 2014 Corvette Stingray.

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Super Bowl’s Over, Let’s Move On

Chevrolet Corvette

Congratulations to the Ravens and Baltimore fans everywhere!

While the game was electrifying, I thought the advertisements overall were severely lacking in energy this year. It’s like the power went out on all of them even before the Superdome went dark. My favorite car ad was the Audi prom spot. The Chrysler/Ram Paul Harvey spot almost made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The others were just mediocre.

With that out of the way, let’s get back to cars rather than the outlandish, extravagant attempts to sell them. Yes, we need vehicles to serve the mundane and much-needed transportation services of daily life, and I find irony in the fact that we often buy them based on some perceived emotion or extreme experience marketing people promise they will provide.

True car enthusiasts can look past overly produced TV commercials and buy based on other, more meaningful, factors.

One of those factors might be the car’s future collector value. Make it affordable and fun to drive as well, and the deal closes itself! What 2013 cars could be future collectibles?

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