How Not to Get Your Car Back If Stolen

Car thief in action

A friend of mine recently had his 1989 Mazda B2200 stolen for the second time in 3 years. That’s an unfortunate streak of bad luck, but on the flip side, at least he was lucky enough to get the truck back once. For most people, once a car is stolen, it lives on only in memory. If recovered, it is usually only a sad shell of its former self. (Please share a moment of silence for my beloved 1984 Toyota 4X4, stolen in its prime and recovered a week later, completely destroyed.)

I certainly have empathy for those who have to deal with a car theft and understand the desire to do almost anything to get the car back. Sometimes, though, the immediate decision to act isn’t the smartest choice.

Unless it works out.

Beatriz Pardo

Mrs. Pardo

In the small town of Lacey, Wash., 50-year-old nurse Beatriz Pardo had her minivan stolen. Five days later, she spotted it in the parking lot of a Fred Meyer store. She did the right thing and called the police, but before they arrived, the suspected thieves, a man and a woman, returned to the van and were about to leave. This is where I might advise you to stop reading if you’re easily influenced by the actions of others, because what she did is highly discouraged.

Pardo approached the van, grabbed the woman from behind, forced her finger into her back, said it was a gun and threatened to shoot if she didn’t get the keys. It worked, and she got her van back. Vigilante nurse justice!

Pardo was quoted in a local news story as saying,

That is my car. That is my chance, I can’t let it go, that car.

Succinct and to the point! Police did arrive and arrest the suspects, even congratulated Pardo on her efforts, but made it very clear her actions are not recommended to others in similar situations. This one worked out, but could have turned bad very quickly!

Have you ever had a car stolen, and did you get it back?


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