Too Fat? It’s Not Your Fault, Blame Your Car!

Is it the cars that make us fat, or how we choose to use them?

Is it our cars that make us fat, or how we choose to use them?

A great injustice has been done to our beloved automobiles.

They have become a new candidate in the never-ending quest to figure out what’s to blame for the obesity problem in this country.

It seems the obvious causes are no longer worthy of blame. What about the fact that unhealthy fast food is cheaper than natural organic food? Or our propensity to watch a lot of TV while ingesting mass quantities of nachos and Hot Pockets?

No, the real culprit for our fatness is something far more sinister.

Our cars.

There are some who believe the reason Americans are fat is because we drive a lot. The reasoning here is very simple, at least according to a study referenced at the Doctor’s Health Press. Here’s a quote from the article:

A simple way to increase physical activity is to watch out for the opposite—not being physically active. Where does that happen the most? Sitting in a car. Whenever you are in a car, you are literally doing nothing. The more often you do nothing, the more calories will stay in your body.

Evidently that means people who drive a lot can’t make the choice to drive to the gym or to a trail head or eat fewer nachos or, gasp, leave the car home and ride a bicycle to work.

Yes, sitting in a car generally involves not moving around much. But so does sitting in an office. And sleeping. And going to movies. And any number of other sedentary activities. It’s not the cars that make people fat, it’s the driver’s inability to choose to stop at the farmer’s market instead of the Dairy Queen.

I’ve known plenty of people who drive for a living and aren’t fat. Granted, I’ll leave the majority of truck drivers seen at rest stops out of that equation, but I know traveling salespeople, cab drivers and race car drivers who somehow find the time to eat well and go for a run once in a while.

Are cars really the reason Americans are gaining weight?


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  1. No, Americans are the real reasons Americans are gaining weight. It’s nothing new, remember the quip about American servicemen from Brits during WWII– Over weight, over paid, over sexed and over here.

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