No Shocker Here: People Shop for Cars Online


I’m not exactly sure why this is news, but NBC News has posted a story on the astonishing fact that young people shop for cars online, not in showrooms.

The story is full of facts and figures and percentages confirming that those belonging to Generation Y don’t begin at dealers when they shop for cars. Well obviously at CarGurus we know that, considering it’s what we do. Vehicle research, new or used, absolutely must begin online these days.

The opinions of others are just as much a part of vehicle research these days as checking spec sheets and reading professional reviews. Who has a better opinion to trust than someone who owns, or has owned, the same car?

The NBC story says,

The youngest generation of car buyers is far more likely to turn to social media for advice than head for the showroom. More than nine of 10 so-called millennials—”Generation Y” babies born between 1980 and 2000—turn to the Internet when shopping for a new car or truck.

More than nine of 10… that seems like an odd stat. Then again, if they’re counting people born in 2000, we’ve got 13-year-olds car shopping. Maybe that explains the vague number somewhere north of nine and south of 10.

Regardless, if a person, young, old or in-between, doesn’t start car shopping online first, he or she will probably end up paying a lot more than everyone else when it comes time to make a purchase. Beginning research online, especially through CarGurus, gives access to pages of reviews on almost any make and model written by actual owners. In addition there are honest dealer reviews and uniquely helpful used car listings that show how good a deal a used car really is.

For dealers, reaching these buyers means adapting to social media and making sure their dealership can not just be found, but has positive customer feedback.

For buyers, it means a wealth of information exists online, for free, that can help secure the best car at the best price.

Again, everyone knows this, and it really isn’t news anymore. But perhaps it’s a good reminder to add sites like CarGurus to your regular list of auto sites to check when researching or looking for car reviews.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t research online before buying a car?


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  1. I am a dealer in Knoxville, TN and I honestly cannot remember the last time I sold a vehicle to someone that had not done some type of online research before heading to the dealership and this goes for all age ranges.


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