Do You Have an Older Car That Has Aged Gracefully?

Sure, they looked pretty good when new...

Sure, they looked pretty good when new…

Aging gracefully is important, for humans and automobiles. As this isn’t a blog about Homo sapiens, I’ll refrain from my judgments on the human side of age and grace.

No car, though, is off limits.

Take a couple of 10-year-old cars, put them next to one another, and note the difference in how they have aged. Obviously, how the well the car has been cared for makes a huge difference in the way it looks. Some cars, though, just look every bit their age, while others still look surprisingly new. That’s a function of design and build quality.

Take, for example, these two vehicles:

Now that the 2014 vehicles are coming out, we can call 2004 cars a full decade old. It’s funny how one model from 2004 can feel and look every bit its age, while another still looks vastly modern and showroom ready.

Here’s how a 2004 Ford Taurus looked when new. It’s never been a stunner, by any means, but it was a decent-looking car, at least in advertising photos.


Today, the majority have hazy headlights, dull paint, dents in the body and more fluid leaks than a retirement home.


Now, look at a 2004 Lexus RX330. Brand new, it looked just as you’d expect a new Lexus should.


Today, 2004 models still look as polished as ever. The body has held up nicely, the headlights still shine like jewels, and the paint holds its luster.


Yes, we’re comparing apples and oranges here, but it proves a point that when shopping for used cars, a luxury nameplate may offer a value that will last far into the future, looking as good as it did when brand new.

Do you have an older car that has aged gracefully?


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  1. you’ve taken the worst photo of an old Ford Taurus you could find, and then compared it to a lexus that has clearly been cleaned up and waxed by the dealership, this article is nothing but bias, I could find you a photo of a rough shape lexus and compare it to a well taken 2004 ford taurus any day. This doesn’t have a point to it.

  2. My 2006 Trailblazer isn’t quite ten yet, but since GM changed the body design very little over the life of this model, it looks basically the same as 2002 models. They are very popular here in Michigan and many are on the road. Because they didn’t vary the styling from 2002-2007, at least in that sense it’s “timeless” and still looks fairly fresh against newer mid-size full frame SUV’s. Mechanically, it’s been one of Chevy’s better ideas. I’ve had good reliability, low repair costs and the truck is a pleasure to drive. (especially after crawling my old carcsss out of the MR2 Spyder.)

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