Choices, Choices: Jaguar SUV, Porsche Macan or Used Cayenne?

Jaguar C-X17 SUV

It’s finally happened. After years of rumors and rendered speculation, Jaguar has unveiled what will likely become a production SUV.

To some, it’s unthinkable. To others, it makes perfect sense.

In one sense, Jaguar is a luxury and sports car maker that creates sleek and powerful vehicles that devour the open road. On the other hand, the carmaker needs to make business sense for itself and sell as many vehicles as possible.

The truth is, to be a mass-market automaker, a crossover/SUV has to be on showroom floors. Porsche knows all about this, thanks to the massive success of the Cayenne and the almost certain success of the new, smaller Macan.

Buyers of luxury/performance SUVs suddenly have a wide range of options. While the Jag is still officially in concept form, the C-X17 crossover concept is a pretty clear hint of the upcoming production vehicle. Likely carrying the name XQ, the Jaguar could offer a range of 4-cylinder engine options in addition to a V6.

Prices will be announced soon, but expect them to fall somewhere in line with those of the Audi Q5.


Porsche Macan, photo by Brenda Priddy & Co.

Porsche’s new small SUV, called the Macan, will also go on sale soon and should flood the roads with even more high-riding Porsche-branded Costco runners. All Macans will come with all-wheel drive and anywhere between 380 and 420 hp.

As far as looks go, the Macan will keep the classic Porsche lines that actually translate pretty well onto the SUV shape. Jaguar’s vehicle looks a little funny to me, like a mashup between a Land Rover and a Jaguar XF.

All of this will make for some serious shopping predicaments. A used Porsche Cayenne will probably be comparable with a new C-X17 (or XQ) and a new Macan, but offer more space and, most likely, more power.

Would you want an SUV from Jaguar or Porsche, or would you rather buy one that’s meant to be an SUV?


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  1. Well, with so many loyal buyers of luxury brands, it’s no suprise to see Jaguar pile on. I’d much rather see them produce a 2-seater modernized version of the E-type, lightweight and resonably powered at a reasonable cost. (under 40K without the junk)

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