Aston Martin Cygnet: A Good Used Deal?

Aston Martin Cygnet

The Aston Martin Cygnet is proof that even elite carmakers make horrible mistakes. Aston builds the most beautifully seductive cars in the world, which embody the perfect balance between luxury, power and grace. The cars are flawless in design and exquisite in execution.

To own an Aston tells the world that you appreciate, and can afford, the best material possessions life has to offer. Even used Aston Martins command hefty sums and remain aspirational symbols of wealth and excess.

Well, all but the Cygnet, anyway. Drivers of a Cygnet look more like they’re driving a giant toenail than an elite British supercar.

It seems the decision-makers at Aston Martin have finally come to their senses, though, because the Cygnet is about to sing its swan song.

Left to its own devices, Aston would have never put the Toyota/Scion iQ-based Cygnet into production.

The Cygnet debuted as a concept in 2010 and then arrived in 2011 as a way for Aston Martin to meet U.S. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations. Because Aston is privately owned without the backing of another larger automaker, the company has been left to fend for itself.

To increase its fleet fuel economy numbers, Aston could have created an electric car or used smaller, turbocharged engines in its current lineup. Instead, it took the iQ and gave it a custom interior and exterior. The resulting microcar has the original power of the Toyota, but looks like an Aston that has been squashed in a trash compactor.

It’s pretty obvious the Cygnet is a direct result of CAFE. The fact that it’s being discontinued could mean the company has figured out a way to meet the regulations without the diminutive Cygnet sitting on dealership floors.

For a company that calls itself a world leader in exclusive niche engineering, having a badge-engineered Toyota on the sales sheet is just embarrassing. They’re still available new, but only for a limited time.

Let’s say a used Aston Martin Cygnet could be had for around $30,000. Would you be interested?


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  1. Yes I’m looking for a Couple now in NYC & Florida . A Good Car for my Son (23) & myself for real quick alone time runs or visits ..

  2. Likely to be remembered in history as the most reliable least-expensive to maintain Aston Martin ever built.
    Wish they had exported some to the US. Expensive for what it is?….not really when you consider in total it costs about the same as the first two servicings of a DB9.

  3. A 30K Cygnet is just as stupid as so many other things today, like Cadillacs or Lincolns that are just overpriced Chevys and Fords. Har har, I love the “toenail” reference.
    It’s amazing to me that in this age of brand management that these folks fail to understand the value of the brand. The Cygnet is like Bentley selling condoms with the Bentley logo. A completely inappropriate way to misuse the brand.
    Automakers like Aston need to realize they will never meet fuel economy requirements. The government should understand these cars will never sell in enough numbers to be statistically significant and use the companies and their customers to extract a solid tax benefit. I think the Sheiks and hip hop moguls can afford an extra 300K or so for their egos, especially if all the exotic brands are equally taxed.

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