Baby Got Slant: Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Porsche 935 Up for Sale

1984 Porsche 935

That’s not a Porsche, it’s a slant nose.

Yeah, I know, the Porsche 935 slant nose has a rich history in both the racing world and the collector world, but I’m not a fan. The rear end is perfectly Porsche, but that slanted front end looks like a ramp for another car to use as a jump. It’s quite horrific, actually.

The cars still have collector status and typically sell for between $20,000 and $30,000, depending, of course, on age, mileage and condition.

What would it take to sell one for $50,000?

Well, for one thing, baby had better got back.

It’s kind of impossible to make a Sir Mix-A-Lot reference without also mentioning his 1992 hit song.

Originally famous for defying the Seattle grunge scene of the early ’90s and releasing a rap song best known for praising ample backsides, Sir Mix-A-Lot also became an exotic car aficionado and music producer. Today, according to the good people at The Truth About Cars, his garage is filled with exotics, but one should leave soon—his 1984 Porsche 935 slant nose. The car is up for sale with Cats Exotics, a dealer near Seattle. TTAC says:

The price of admission for this slice of celebrity: $49,880.

“It’s worth every penny,” Cats said. “It’s just in an immaculate condition. The paint’s stunning, not to mention that it’s just a piece of icon history. It’ll be remembered forever because [it was] on the cover of the biggest-selling album that he did. It’s just a one of a kind car.”

In my mind, anytime a price is immediately followed by the phrase, “It’s worth every penny,” it’s not worth every penny. As we all know, though, a car is worth whatever someone wants to pay for it, and this Porsche will surely find a home with someone who appreciates pop culture. And ugly Porsches.

Whether you’re a fan of Sir Mix-A-Lot or not, would you pay 50 grand for his Porsche?


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  1. He just realized the car was too good for him and won’t fit 24″ rims and a 2000 watt stereo.

  2. That’s cool! I didn’t even know sir mix a lot was still around. Figured he and mc hammer were living in a run down shack somewhere remembering the good ol days. Cool to see he’s continued to do well and appreciates exotics! That slant nose isn’t an exotic though.

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