Changes at BMW: Front-Wheel Drive Becomes Reality


Nobody likes it when a dear friend changes. Change is hard to deal with and even harder to accept.

Sometimes change can even feel like betrayal, when something or someone you’ve known your entire life fundamentally changes on a level you never expected.

Whether we like it or not, things change. Thats true in everything from relationships to friendships and grocery stores and yes, even car companies.

For as long as I’ve been alive, BMW has built performance luxury cars. The brand has been aspirational for people of all ages and a sure sign of success for anyone who owns one. The brand says that the driver appreciates the thrill of driving and the status of having one of the most sought-after vehicles in all the world.

One of the most sought-after rear-wheel drive vehicles in all the world.

Until now.

With the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, the Bavarians have officially entered the world of front-wheel drive economy cars.

While front-wheel drive may upset BMW enthusiasts, it will bring in new buyers looking for luxury from their economy cars. This new BMW isn’t a fluke either,  it’s indicative of the new trend, meant to appeal to a range of customers with spacious storage capacity and great fuel economy.

Like it or not, this is the new direction of BMW. Yes, it cheapens the brand and is a sell-out in every sense of the word. But when an auto company “sells out” to the demands of the mass market, it tends to sell a lot more cars.

The new 2 series will be available in Europe at first, but it’s nearly guaranteed that the U.S. will see it as well.

Would you buy a front-wheel drive BMW?


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