MINI Goes Crazy, Shows Off Truck Concept


There are many reasons why GMC doesn’t build a micro car. They are the same reasons why Ferrari’s stable lacks an econobox.

GMC makes trucks and Ferrari produces supercars because that’s what they’re good at doing. They do what their customers expect and they reap the benefits when they do it exceptionally well.

Sometimes carmakers try and push the limits, but usually those experiments end in spectacular failures on the level of the Subaru Baja.

Now it seems another unwary automaker is treading into unfamiliar territory, surely to be eaten alive by mobs of consumers who refuse to buy it.

If any vehicle is an exercise in contradiction, it’s the MINI Paceman Adventure.  AutoExpress says a team of BMW interns were tasked with creating a pickup… using the Cooper S Paceman as their starting point. That sounds more like a hazing incident to me, disguised as a design exercise.

The story says,

Using the Cooper S Paceman as their starting point, this latest creative project features a shortened cabin, the rear seats having been removed to make room for an open load area. Completing the pickup-look is a modified chassis with improved ground clearance, apparently making the Paceman Adventure suitable for “driving on gravel roads, through muddy tracks or on desert trails.

Suitable for driving on gravel roads!? Wow, that’s an intense pickup. Maybe it can also haul a litter of newborn kittens.

Adding to the contradiction is the fact that the vehicle includes a snorkel air intake; because you never know when said gravel road will be covered in up to six inches of water.

Even just as a design exercise, it’s pretty clear that MINI shouldn’t be in the pickup game. Let the truckmakers build trucks and let the microcar makers build microcars. Crossing lines just doesn’t end well.

Should MINI build a production version of its truck concept?


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