Piloted Parking: Way Cooler Than Self-Driving

Audi auto parking

In my humble opinion, self-driving cars would kill the auto culture in our country. Why would we want to cede control of our cars to a computer and give up the thrill of manually shifting gears and accelerating from stoplights?

Sure, there would be fewer human-caused accidents, but how many more computer-caused accidents would happen?

I don’t want to live in a world where my car decides which route to take or how quickly I arrive. I want the thrill of getting lost if I make a mistake and the pleasure of finding my own way to a new destination.

I adamantly oppose self-driving cars.

A self-parking car, though, is an entirely different subject.

The most stressful event in life is entering a busy parking garage in a big city and attempting to find an open spot. I want to live in a future when I pull my car into the garage entrance, get out of the car and have the car go find a spot and park itself. Then, when I’m finished with my big-city business, I want to push a button and have my car come pick me up.

Yes, I want to live in my world the way Batman lives in his. Impossible? Take a look at this video, which promotes Audi’s Piloted Parking system:

I want to control my car and drive it on crazy adventures through the wilderness and in cities around the country. I want to rev the engine and squeal the tires to my heart’s content. I want to speed, safely, through twisty mountain roads and coastal highways. I want to be in complete control of every aspect of driving.

Until it’s time to park.

My car can have the stress of locating a spot, navigating the tight turns and maneuvering into that small spot. Try to sell me a self-driving car and I’ll throw a tantrum. Try to sell me a self-parking car, and I’ll sign on the dotted line without a second thought.

Would you want a self-parking feature, like Audi’s Piloted Parking, in your next car?


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