The Most Exclusive Used Car in America?


A couple of days ago, CarGurus posted a link on its Facebook page to an article listing the top 10 cars we can’t buy in the United States.

It wasn’t a bad list and featured the usual suspects from Seat, Citroen, Holden and Land Rover. The list neglected to mention a true international classic, though, which has soldiered on since 1984 and is still sold new. This vehicle has been marketed and sold around the world, with the exclusion of a few countries in North and South America.

It’ll never be sold new here in the States, but it is possible used versions could be imported.

The infamous Toyota Land Cruiser Series 70 is nothing like the Land Cruiser currently sold in the United States. Our version is a luxurious land yacht with an off-road prowess and a starting sticker price of almost $80,000. If you want one, help yourself!

The 70 Series is different. Offered in an array of rugged pickups, SUVs, troop-carrying 11-seaters, and more, the 70 can be outfitted with a turbo diesel V8 that produces an incredible 583 lb-ft of torque. It even has an air snorkel for those times when crossing a raging river is just part of the daily commute.

Popular in Australia and South Africa, the 70 Series was sold in Japan until a decade ago and, for one year only, will be sold there again for its 30th anniversary at a price equivalent to about $35,000 (U.S.).

The 70 Series defines the word of the “beast” and would destroy any truck or SUV sold in the United States today. Obviously, new ones aren’t an option here but since the trucks have remained largely unchanged over the last 30 years, why not take advantage of the 25-year-rule and import a used one? It’ll require some research and effort, but the payoff will be owning a vehicle virtually no one else in the U.S. has ever had.

Would you rather have a regular Land Cruiser, or the legendary Series 70?


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