Should You Use an Auto Broker to Buy a Car?

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The thrill of having a new car is rare enough in most people’s lives that it’s cause for a great celebration.

The process of buying a car, though, can be intimidating. It involves research, shopping, then finally negotiating a price and navigating a sea of dealer add-ons. Some people really enjoy the process, while others accept it as a necessary evil in car buying.

People who truly despise the process can turn to a broker for help with their purchase.

Advocates for using a broker like to use the argument that car dealerships are professionals at selling, so why not hire a professional at buying?

Makes sense, right?

An auto broker manages the process of buying a car on behalf of a customer. This can include finding the desired vehicle and negotiating the price. It’s the broker’s job to help the customer save time and money in the car-buying process.

The cost for this convenience is usually a flat fee that can be as low as a couple hundred bucks or as high as a thousand or more, depending on the broker, the car and the car’s price.

Using a broker might save a few bucks on the sales price, but a broker’s real value comes from providing convenience and peace of mind.

With the tools available online these days, it’s possible for a buyer to get the information needed to act as his or her own broker and enjoy the same benefits.

Finding that dream car is as easy as searching the CarGurus listings, which include everything from the desirable Honda Accord to the rare and exotic Ferrari F430.

CarGurus takes the fear out of negotiations, too, because listings indicate whether the car is priced fairly. And dealer reviews can help shoppers find one that will make them feel comfortable and at ease with the purchase process.

For some people, I think auto brokers have a place in the purchasing process. For most of us, though, we can use the tools we have at our disposal to find the exact car we want at the exact price we can afford.

Have you ever used an auto broker when buying a new or used car?


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  1. Using a car Broker for new cars can really help. You can just tell the Broker which car you are looking for and what your budget is. They will help you find what you want. Used cars are usually best finding on your own, although I find that dealerships have the best used cars rather than used car lots. I recommend The Lease Factor in Beverly Hills for new car leasing. They don’t charge you, they charge the dealer.

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