Merry Christmas! Here’s Your Brand New Alpha Romeo 4C!


Today is a special day indeed. It’s a day when we can take a break from work and spend time with family and friends while showering them with love in the only acceptable way: with gifts that have drained our bank accounts and maxed out our credit cards.

If you happen to have some room left on credit or some cash to spend on a late gift, allow me to suggest the new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

This is the car that hails the re-entry of Alfa into the U.S. market. Until now, the Spider version of the 4C has been mostly disguised, but it’s been caught in the raw during filming of a new TV commercial.

Keep reading to see more of the latest Italian sports car that Santa’s elves need to start building right away.

Alfa Romeo 4C spider

Alfa Romeo 4C spider, interior

Alfa Romeo 4C spider, yellow

I’ll take mine in red, please.

Will the Alpha Romeo 4C Spider be on your next Christmas list?


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