Say Goodbye to the Porsche Boxster

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In 1996, Porsche introduced the world to its new entry-level roadster, the Boxster. Every year since, the little Porsche has provided driving thrills to hundreds of thousands of happy motorists.

In recent years, talk of another entry-level Porsche has rounded the interwebs to the dismay of true Porsche enthusiasts. The car, to be called the 718 and slot beneath the ever-expanding Boxster/Cayman lineup, never got off the ground.

Now, though, there’s some news that the 718 may make production after all, but it would mean the demise of the Boxster.

Porsche had been working on a unique sports car called the 718, and while the German automaker has cancelled the project, the car’s name will reportedly live on. The 718 was originally intended to slot below the Boxster and Cayman as a more affordable model.

New name aside, the next Boxster and Cayman will be powered by a range of flat-four engines and have a much lower starting price as a result. We can expect a 1.6-liter unit with 210 horsepower, a 2.5-liter making 360 horsepower, and a 2.0-liter outputting 286 horsepower.

Automobile Magazine said,

It’s easiest to understand this change if you think of the 718 name as an all-encompassing model range like the iconic 911. Just like the 911 offers models all the way from the 350-hp Carrera to the 560-hp Turbo S, the new 718 will offer a wider range of performance levels, all of which will retain the mid-engine construction of the current Boxster convertible and Cayman coupe. Porsche’s new flat-four engines will power the lower models, which should come in at a significantly lower price than the current Boxster’s $52,395 starting cost.

So there you go. We won’t get a new entry-level Porsche, but we will get a new entry-level Porsche. If you want a true entry-level Boxster in the near future, it looks like the used market will offer the best chance to find one.

Is the Porsche 718 a fitting name to replace the Boxster and Cayman?


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