Ford Bronco and Ranger Poised for Comeback

2015 Ford Ranger

Either call me clairvoyant or a bumbling blogger with a predisposition for choosing unlikely topics that come true.

Just 10 days ago I wrote about the 50th birthday of the Ford Bronco and the likelihood that we’d ever see a new version of the old brute roll off assembly lines.

Then over the weekend I saw this headline in my inbox:

Ford Said to Weigh Return of Bronco, Ranger Output to U.S.

What!? This wasn’t a headline from one of those click-factory websites designed to fool readers into spreading an unfounded rumor. This was a headline from Bloomberg, an organization that knows a thing or two about the auto industry.

It’s a good time to be a Ford fan.

The Bloomberg story, which cited an unnamed source, said the Bronco would be built on a pickup frame alongside the Ranger. Analysts see the Bronco as a more rugged midsize utility to pair with its other sport utility offerings to fight Jeep and help take advantage of the booming SUV segment.

There are no other details about the return of the Bronco, but its return would capitalize on a name that resonates with plenty of potential buyers.

Bringing back retro names has been a huge boon to automakers, and the Bronco would probably be second only to the rebirth of the Barracuda (news coming soon!).

We’ll stay on top of developments and report on them when we know more.

In the meantime, Ford seems to be wising up and could bring the Ranger back. With the resurgence of midsize trucks such as the Colorado, Canyon, and Tacoma, Ford is realizing it missed out on something big when it discontinued the Ranger here.

The Detroit News said:

Ford blinked. Caught between growing fuel-economy pressures and increasing segmentation of the truck and SUV markets, the Dearborn automaker is preparing to replace slower-selling compact Focuses and even slower-selling compact hybrids at Michigan Assembly with models that should deliver fatter profits and higher volumes.

Production of the more fuel-efficient cars would probably move to Mexico to make room for the Ranger and Bronco.

There are still some union negotiations that have to happen before this can become official, but if you’ve longed for day when you could buy an all-new Ranger or Bronco, it’s probably time to start saving for the down payment.

Would you test-drive a new Ford Ranger or Ford Bronco?


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