The Jeep-Fighting Ford Everest

Is this the new Ford Everest or Bronco?

Is this the new Ford Everest or Bronco?

I remember when I realized that Ford SUVs in this country have names that start with the letter E.

It happened when Ford discontinued the Excursion in 2007. I realized that the remaining Fords were the Escape, Explorer, Edge, and Expedition. Those SUVs made up Ford’s alliteration-happy little world and I wondered what the company would choose next. My thought was something along the lines of Everest.

It’s a name that conveys strength and capability, it’s foreboding and nearly impossible to conquer. It’s the perfect name for a SUV, but it never came to fruition in the United States.

The Ford Everest has, however, existed in Asia, South Africa, and Australia since 2003. Could it finally come here?

An Australian website says,

While no doubt ready for everyday duty, Ford has given the Everest serious off-road ability you won’t find in softer rivals such as the Toyota Kluger. It starts with a proper four-wheel-drive system, not the sort of road-focused, slip sensing and front axle-biased reactive setup you might find in a smaller Honda HR-V or Volkswagen Tiguan. An 800-millimetre [31.5-inch] water wading depth should make creek crossings a breeze, while 225mm [8.9 inches] of ground clearance is handy to have too. The Everest’s four-mode terrain select system, hill descent control and electronic rear differential lock promise to put it among the best in its class when the going gets rough.

With talk of the Ford Ranger coming back to the United States, it would make sense that the Everest would follow. After all, the Everest and the Ranger share a platform, so adding production here would be a breeze.

To make things a little more interesting, we also know that Ford is considering a new Bronco on the Ranger assembly line. It’s possible that the Bronco will simply be the Everest, rebadged for the U.S. If that’s the case it could go up against the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s also possible that the Bronco could be something completely new that more closely resembles the open-top Jeep Wrangler.

It makes sense for Ford to leverage the Ranger’s platform and sell the Bronco and Everest as separate vehicles. If, that is, the company can get away from vehicles that only start with “E.”

Would you be happy if the new Ford Bronco was a re-badged Ford Everest?


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