Here Comes the $75,000 Honda

2016 Acura NSX

2016 Acura NSX

Hondas are known for their practicality. Ask anyone to describe a Honda in one word, and you’ll get responses such as, “reliable,” “safe,” “comfortable,” and of course, “practical.”

Honda is one of those quiet innovators in the car world. While its cars indeed fit the above adjectives, Honda is perfectly capable of unleashing a true performance car upon the world when it feels so inclined.

The Honda/Acura NSX, naturally, is the prime example of such supercar prowess. The Civic Type-R and the old S2000 are other examples of what happens when stodgy old Honda decides to have some fun.

With the all-new hybrid-powered NSX ready to jump off the line, Honda might have a little something else special planned as well.

It probably won’t come cheap, though.

Ever since the S2000 stopped production, rumors have swirled that a replacement would soon come down the line. Prices for the veritable roadster stood at about $35,000 when the last one rolled off the production line, a price many sports car enthusiasts happily paid. It figures that a replacement should cost somewhere in the vicinity, right?

Not this time.

Auto Express, famous for using unnamed insider sources with surprising accuracy, has determined that Honda is working on a “baby NSX.”

By using that terminology, rather than “S2000 successor,” Honda is better able to justify a roughly $75,000 price.

If you’re still reading, the insider goes on to say the sports car’s design and layout will be similar to its larger NSX brother and tie in some technology gleaned from the McLaren/Honda Formula 1 partnership. This new car, however, may skip the original’s drop-top layout in favor of a simple coupe. Fine by me!

The baby NSX could have a mid-mounted 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine paired to some kind of electric motor for an output of about 300 hp.

In the past I would’ve said that I’d stay old school and look for a good used S2000 instead, but the new technology is so much improved that the $75,000 cost of entry is probably well worth it. Especially considering buyers also get the “safe, reliable, and practical” side of Honda all built in.

Would $75,000 be a fair price for a hybrid-powered Honda “Baby NSX”?


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