Toyota Goes Back to the Future for New Concept


I realize that everyone is probably worn out on the whole Back to the Future thing. This, though, merits a mention because it’s arguably a major reason why a popular truck became so successful.

The infamous day when Marty McFly and Doc Brown flew into 2015 and wreaked havoc on the past happened last week. Bloggers and Facebookers everywhere spent the day bemoaning the lack of hoverboards, while actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd made the rounds on the talk show circuit.

One of my fondest memories from the trilogy was Marty’s black 1985 Toyota 4×4 truck, which led to my eventual purchase of a similar truck. Last week Toyota announced a modern take on the classic truck, but does is it hold up to the original?

Toyota revealed this new 2016 Tacoma in a style similarly designed after Marty’s dream truck from the original movies.

It features a custom black exterior paint job replicating the original from the 1985 Toyota Truck, a lifted off-road suspension, TRD wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich all-terrain tires, custom front and rear bumpers and brush guards, a bed-mounted roll cage complete with KC lights, and more. It even has the classic tailgate with the large TOYOTA lettering across the back. Cool!


This is the exact truck that 10-year-old me would have wanted in 2015. I do have a problem with this current version, though. It’s too big. The Tacoma has grown into a full-size pickup and I maintain, to this day, that the size of those trucks in the mid-80s was perfect. Had Toyota made a scaled-down modern version of the classic truck, I’d be all over it.

Toyota made several examples of the Back to the Future concept, which could be seen in person at events in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. Toyota hasn’t said whether or not the concept will actually be go into production, I’m guessing it won’t, but there are probably plenty of people who would buy one if they could.

You can read all the specs and info in Toyota’s press release, but in the meantime, what do you think:

If Toyota built this throwback 4×4, would you want one?


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  1. Please help: Where can I find the ?Custom front and rear Tubular Bumpers for my 2016 Tacoma featured in the picture and article (Bank to the Future Tacoma)?

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