Kia’s New Ads: Best Ever?


Name two things that are now nearly unrecognizable from their humble beginnings.

Here are mine:

Video games and Kia.

You may not believe this, but I haven’t played a video game since roughly Madden 2005. Before that, my favorite video game was Tecmo Bowl. No joke.

So seeing the graphics on the latest Madden, when playing with my son recently, pretty much blew me away.

I had a similar experience seeing a new Kia in a parking lot last weekend. Not only did I do a double-take, but I stood there for a few seconds admiring a car that looked nothing like the Kias of the recent past.

That would have never happened in the Korean automaker’s first decade in the U.S.

It was timely, then, to see a new ad from Kia linking my favorite childhood video game to some classic football.

USA Today said,

If you want to reach Gen Xers with families, Kia Motors figures there’s no better way than to go for touchstones of their past when it comes to football and video games.
To advertise the latest Sorento SUV, Kia is bringing back two famous names from the NFL, Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth, and placing them in a video game of the era.

Maybe it’s just because I’m the target audience but I think the ads are brilliant. They do a great job of connecting the Kia brand to my personal life and reinforcing the idea that Kia is an attractive and downright cool option for young families. Check them out:

In addition to having the coolest car commercials ever, Kia is on top of the J.D. Power initial quality rankings for 2016. Suddenly Kia is a genuine aspirational brand for families across the United States.

Do Kia’s new ads make you more likely to purchase a Sorento?


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