What’s Your Most Trusted Car?


There were a few brief moments yesterday afternoon when I wondered if today’s blog post would get written or if I’d spend the night huddled in a dark, frozen, and snowy forest. Three hours earlier, we loaded our Subaru with snowshoeing equipment and drove up to the base of our local mountain. My wife and I embarked on a trail that we thought was a quick 2-mile loop.

Three miles later we realized we didn’t recognize our surroundings when the trail disappeared into a blanket of freshly fallen snow. We panicked a little because we knew we had about 45 minutes of sunlight left and at least three miles of deep snow to trudge through in unfamiliar forest if we turned back.

Luckily we found a posted trail map and learned that we were on the verge of starting an 8-mile loop and turning around gave us our best shot of getting out of the forest before nightfall.

Obviously we made it home to the comfort of my laptop and a warm fire, but not before the thoughts of, “We could actually get lost out here,” started echoing through my head.

I only mention this story because our Subaru has routinely, and safely, taken us to places where exploration begins. It’s been a trusty accomplice in our lives and it’s the car we trust in wintry situations.

Many people have that one car that becomes more than just a car. It becomes a partner in life and a trusted companion in adventure, road trips, family vacations, and exploring. It could be a Land Cruiser or Land Rover, a minivan or a family sedan.

In our case, the Subaru has shuttled us into and out of the mountains, to sunny beaches, and to chilly lakes while loaded with paddle boards, snow skis, and those dreaded snow shoes. Of course it’s also been the grocery-getter, the kid-hauler, the road-tripper, and the work commuter.

It hasn’t been completely problem-free, but that car has gotten us into, and out of, many situations that have turned into incredible memories.

What was the most trusted car you’ve ever owned?


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  1. 87 Honda Civic hatchback. Bought it with one option, rear window defogger, came with a cassette player. $7000 new. 18000 miles later I got $7000 trade. Never took it back to the dealer for anything but a cpl of oil changes.

  2. Wrx STI. 06. It’s been the best car I’ve owned. at 155k miles it’s showing a little age but goes where it’s pointed on dry pavement or 12 inches of snow. I’ve hauled many construction supplies with the help of an 07 seat back pass through. I get a lot of looks at lowes when I’m stuffing 12′ pcs of vinal siding in it. Yeah they hang out but the also hang out of our pontiac minivan. I love the car. I’m thinking if the engine gives up I’m just going to replace it. Although I like some of the new features of the new cars I like that the computer on this version has limited capabilities and leaves most control up to the driver. The brembos and superior handling have made easy work of several potential accidents I’ve avoided, interstate debri, gator backs, bad drivers etc. An well the goat like 4 wd system has pulled me up one very steep driveway every single time. It’s never been stuck out in the snow. Or left me sitting on the roadside. And yes it’s fast not the fastest car out there but Its faster than so many it really doesn’t matter. It’s the only car I’ve driven through creek beds, standing flood water, huge snow falls, winter mountain roads, over hot asphalt, fields, dirt roads and what ever got in front of it, we just traveled on usually fairly quickly. I just can’t say enough about this car but to sum up its one great car I occasionally refer to it as the super car.

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