When Used Cars Come With Extra Surprises


This is a true story: A friend had purchased a new-to-her Honda CR-V. She was instantly in love with the car, a spotless low-mileage white 2006 model. After a few days of driving, however, she started to notice a peculiar smell. The odor worsened over the coming days until it became so offensive in the summer heat that she had to drive with the windows down.

She scoured the car for the source of the smell with no luck until, one day, she discovered a rotting tuna sandwich under the driver’s seat.

It’s not uncommon to find forgotten possessions in used cars, but they normally amount to some loose change or stray crayons.

A man in Kentucky, though, may have won the award for the most interesting find yet.

The Truth About Cars
summed up the disturbing find like this,

A Northern Kentucky resident scored more than just a great deal when he purchased a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta at McCluskey Automotive in Colerain Township, Ohio.

After two weeks of Jetta bliss, the new owner — who told WCPO Cincinnati he didn’t want to be identified — grew concerned over a mysterious rattle emanating from under the front passenger seat. Upon closer inspection, the man discovered the odd noise wasn’t the result of a dead animal or structural defect. Instead, it was a secret compartment containing $130,000 of Mexican cartel heroin.

The car had been involved in a drug seizure in Ohio before being sent to auction and picked up by the local dealer. The police has seized about five pounds of the drug, but missed the extra two pounds under the seat.

People love multitasking in their cars and unfortunately sometimes that means innocent vehicles wind up discreetly carrying out illegal activity.

This story is a good reminder that, before you buy a used car, you need to have it thoroughly examined and run a comprehensive vehicle history check. Hopefully you find nothing but a well-cared-for used car, or at least nothing worse than a dropped and forgotten tuna sandwich.

Have you ever found anything left behind by the previous owner of a car you purchased?


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