Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: The Car of Your Nightmares

This has been a week of muscle car madness.

From the newly released specs of the Ford GT to the merits of the AWD Challenger to the midengine Corvette, we’ve had plenty of car fodder to comment on and get all worked up over in the last couple of days.

Why not extend it out one more day?

We don’t have much of a choice. Even though we’ve already covered one version of the Challenger this week, a new one is on the horizon and it simply can’t be ignored. Enter the Challenger SRT Demon, a car unlike anything we’ve seen in modern times.

The Challenger Hellcat is perhaps the most sinister car on the market. Its 707-hp engine turns the car into an outright beast, though some might say it’s a beast that’s been tamed. The untamed version is coming in the way of the SRT Demon, a stripped-down tuned-up machine that’s hell-bent on chewing up competition and leaving them in the wake of its high-octane-fuel powered wrath.

The Demon isn’t just another car. It’s a car that borders on insanity and sits just on this side of legality. What makes the Demon different than a run-of-the-mill Hellcat?

According to some detailed info at Motor Authority, the model will boast a single seat. The front passenger seat and rear bench seats are gone in the name of weight savings. Also ditched are all but two speakers, 18 pounds of sound insulation, trunk lining, the spare tire, and more.

To up the ante even more, Road & Track says,

The Challenger SRT Demon will be the first factory production car fitted with drag radial tires, and mama mia are they some big’uns: 315/40R18 Nitto NT05Rs, front and rear, the closest thing you can get to a drag racing slick while still having enough tread to be street legal.

We can’t imagine Dodge will go through all of this weight savings and leave the Hellcat engine untouched, but we don’t have performance specs yet. What we do have are three devilishly delicious teaser videos to tide us over until we know more. Bonus points for the Metallica soundtrack!

Anyone else sensing some high-octane racing fuel for this Demon?

Watch and enjoy:

Would the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon be too much car for you?


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