1. All cars should come with a badge free option. The first thing I always do is clean up the badging, as the logo is the usually the ugliest part of the vehicle. How about the Ford oval logo, worst in the industry. Hyundai is now selling the Genisis under it’s own brand, and that’s where Lexus, Infinity, Acura started. Easier and cheaper to just offer an unbranded option to new car buyers.

  2. I tend to agree with the article to a certain extent.The Stinger is an impressive looking car but the emblem is not as intrusive to me as the brand itself.They still have to prove themselves to me and probably many others in regard to their worthiness ( mainly durability).How well they can holdup in the long run determines their reliability and so far I don’t believe they have convinced the car buyer (and or) the reviewers.I myself like the looks of many Kia brands but I have a not so sure about them attitude.They have to convince us of their worthiness.It took Honda and Toyota a long time to gain recognition and they still hold on to their reputations because they are built to last first and foremost.

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