Tesla: The World’s Most Popular Automaker?

We can’t seem to escape news about Tesla lately. The company is dominating headlines on auto blogs and news websites across the Internet. If the story isn’t about a new innovation, idea, or product from Tesla, it’s about another car company trying to beat Tesla at its own game.

Never, in my lifetime at least, has one automaker demanded so much attention and inspired so much competition.

Here’s a rundown of stories, from this week alone, showing Tesla’s dominance over the automotive news cycle:

Tesla Model 3 Ditches Instrument Panel To Help Drivers Focus On Road
A move toward simplicity will define the Model 3. CarBuzz writes,

The shift means no speedometer, no tachometer (not like that’d be there anyways) and no Model S-like instrument display that shows battery status, Autopilot information, or even which song is playing on the radio. Driving without one sounds like a foreign experience, but it Tesla is confident that won’t be the case. [sic]

Tesla Model S Tops Consumer Reports’ Ratings After Getting Key Safety Feature

The Tesla Model S is again Consumer Reports’ top-rated ultra-luxury sedan after the automaker updated its software to include automatic emergency braking at highway speeds.

This comes after CR lowered Tesla’s rating in April for not having the AEB feature active.

Tesla Inc.’s Model 3 Deliveries Start This Week
The Model 3 is here, and The Motley Fool says,

Will Tesla’s first Model 3 deliveries and subsequent production ramp-up go as smoothly as the company hopes? For Tesla to convince investors it will really be able to pull this off, it will need to stick to its initial Model 3 production ramp-up plan and sustain current demand levels for its higher-priced vehicles even after availability of its lower-cost Model 3 increases.

VW says its Tesla Model 3-fighter will be $7,000 to $8,000 cheaper
Automakers across the world want to grab a piece of Tesla’s excitement. From Chevy to Audi to Toyota, the race to build a “Tesla-fighter” is going full-speed ahead. Here’s what Electrek says about Volkswagen’s efforts with the I.D. Concept:

At the Automobil Forum this week…, Volkswagen chief strategist Thomas Sedran said that they were aiming for the vehicle to be about $7,000 to $8,000 cheaper than the Model 3, which would mean about 25,000 euros (~$28,000).

It follows a series of comparison that VW has been making with Tesla’s Model 3. [sic]

There’s more, too. Just do a Google search for “Tesla news,” and you’ll be inundated with recent articles about the automaker’s progress in changing the automotive industry. This is exceptional, considering only 159,139 of the 17.6 million cars sold in the U.S. last year were electric.

Tesla is dominating the news cycle, but what are the odds that you’ll buy one in the next year?


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