Toyota Planning to Refresh Entire Truck Line

Think about this for a second:

If you buy a 2018 Toyota Sequoia, you’re basically getting a 2008 Sequoia with some cosmetic changes.

This is one of those crazy-but-true factoids about buying a new car. While you’re getting a vehicle with zero miles and a fresh warranty, the design of the bits and pieces that make up the car are likely quite a few years old.

The Sequoia is an extreme example, but when Toyota has a combination that works, it’s not one to deviate much from the winning formula. That’s why today’s Sequoia is essentially the same brute that debuted in 2008.

There’s a similar story with the 4Runner, which sits on a chassis and runs on an engine from 2013, while the Tundra received its latest update in 2014.

Toyota has sat somewhat stagnant as other automakers continued to innovate in the truck world. But as we recently learned from Toyota’s strategy with cars, the automaker isn’t one to sit around and be surpassed by the competition.

Toyota group vice president of marketing Ed Laukes told Automotive News,

We are working on [updates to our body-on-frame platforms] right now. To continue to be able to address that, we have to work on upgrades. Let’s face it, the competition is getting stronger and stronger. Things like the Ranger coming back. We have to be able to address that. Now, the Tacoma was completely redone. But 4Runner, Sequoia, Tundra… those are being worked on as we speak.

So what does that mean for the immediate future? Well, we don’t know for sure. One possibility mentioned in the article is a hybrid drivetrain for the Tacoma, which would certainly change up the face of midsize pickups. But would it be more appealing than a diesel-powered Colorado or an EcoBoost Ranger?

My gut tells me no, but we’ll see what Toyota has up its sleeve.

Would you buy a hybrid Tacoma over a diesel Colorado or EcoBoost Ranger?


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